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Interactive 80's Game: New Book Invites Readers to Revel in the Retro Nostalgia That Was…The 1980s!

Pritthijit Datta’s ‘Interactive 80's Game’ contains fun & games, trivia facts and insights into the best decade that ever was. From the themes that defined it to the games people played, the volume will help anyone take a trip back in time and plan many evenings of nostalgia steeped in fun. There’s even two board games that can be downloaded, so grab that Spandex and get ready!

From the birth of the mainstream computer game to some of the best fashion, movies and music to have ever been created – the 1908s literally had it all.

Now, forty years after the decade was born, Pritthijit Datta brings all of its retro glory into a single book.

‘Interactive 80's Game’ is an endlessly fun opportunity for people to relive the 1980s in the present day, in a book unlike anything else on the market.

Synopsis: Interactive 80s Game book contains trivia quizzes, charades, picture rounds and more games to enjoy.

Remember the quality music, awesome cartoons, cool movies, great tv shows, colourful fashion and iconic sporting moments? The decade was never absence from controversy!

The book is designed to be engaging and fun. You can play two board games that can be downloaded from a website and play with friends or family by online platforms or seeing each other.

You can create an awesome 80s night to enjoy and relieve the nostalgia of an eventful decade. The book is great for those who love trivia quiz games and the 1980s.

“I wanted to create something that wrapped up all that was great about the 1980s, and thrust it into the 2020s,” explains the author. “We also share many facts that people are unlikely to know. If they were around in the 80s, welcome back! If you’re too young, you’re definitely going to see why you missed out!”

Continuing, “But, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. My goal was to craft something that would bring families around the dining table, with a drink in-hand, to have some good old-fashioned quality time. It’s been a challenging year, and this is your opportunity to escape into the past – and laugh, be challenged and enjoy every moment.”

‘Interactive 80's Game’ is available now:

See the video on Youtube at:


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