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Is Your House Plant A Prickles, A Bud Or A Vera? Naming your plants: the new craze for 2023!

  • Top 10 plant names for 2023 include Prickles, Bud and Vera

  • Over a quarter of Brits (27%) consider their houseplants part of the family

  • 34% of plant owners asked admit they name their plants

  • Almost half of Brits (48%) leave their leafy friends with trusted family members while on holiday

  • Wildminders over childminders as people hire plant-sitters to ensure plants thrive

  • Stoneleigh’s top tips to get your plant name spot on revealed

Forget the lists of top baby or car names, the newest popular names list for 2023 is for your plant! Ever wondered if your plant is a Blossom, a Lily or a Daisy? Or maybe something more quirky like a Vera or a Noodle? A survey of Brits by Stoneleigh, the award-winning New Zealand wine brand, has revealed the top 10 plant names ahead of The Chelsea Flower Show and the nation’s celebration of all things flora and fauna.

The research shows the care and attention that goes into naming a plant, with the survey revealing Brits consider their leafy friends as fully-fledged members of the family, and 34% saying theirs has a name which has been very carefully considered.

While Blossom (1) and Lily (2) may seem like an obvious choice, also making the list are quirkier names including Bud (4) and Prickles (6). The names Leafy (5), Noodle (9) and Sage (10) have also made it into the top 10.

Not only have Brits started to name their houseplants, but research also shows that almost half of Brits (48%) now choose to leave their plants with trusted family members while on holiday. Stoneleigh has coined the term ‘Wildminders’ - a hired plant-sitter, which is now a genuine additional cost for people going away, even for a weekend, with some charging an average of £25 per hour*.

With the bond between humans and plants being stronger than ever, Stoneleigh - the 100% sustainably sourced grapes and vegan Sauvignon Blanc wine brand, perfect for those sunny days - has provided plant lovers with the top 10 things to consider when finding that all important, perfect plant name:

But beware, there’s also a list of DON’TS to ensure Brits don’t regret their choices:

Lucy Bearman, Wine Director at Stoneleigh, said: "Naming your plant infuses it with a sense of personality, gives plant owners a bigger sense of ownership and closeness to their leafy companions. Post pandemic, a lot of people have made emotional connections with plants and found solace in tending to them, so it’s unsurprising that for some Brits, plants have become a new focus and their pride and joy.

Our latest ‘It’s in Our Nature’ campaign is all about giving back to Mother Nature. We see her as our business partner, sharing the tools we need to make our great-tasting vegan and sustainably sourced wine. And in return, we actively restore New Zealand’s wetlands and support local wildlife.”

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc is available nationwide in Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose RRP of £10.


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