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Is the heat here to stay?

All over Europe temperature's this past weekend have been threatening to break records with parts of Spain predicted to be as hot as 48C! We want to find out whether or not you can keep out your bikinis and swim shorts.

The UK this week, like on many things is divided. With the north being a lot cooler than the south to start with. With the North West experiencing a lot of cloud cover and some showers the south east will be baking in temperatures of up to 30C on Monday and 32C on Tuesday. Unfortunate for the south this wont last, as the week progresses the temperatures begin to fall With the capital (London) expected to be around 22C on Friday. These lower 20's will stick around for at least another week.

Lets check out the rest of Europe.

Lets start with Madrid, Spain. What a weekend they've just had with it threatening to break European record's. This week it wont be as hot as the 48C predicted for the weekend just gone but it'll still be a scorcher! With today predicted to have highs of 38C and the rest of the week not falling much lower than 30C, if your heading there on your holidays make sure you stock up on your factor 50!

Faro in Portugal this week will also be one to watch with today hitting 31C and the week ahead not falling much below 26C, if your looking to book a last minute holiday where it's not too hot this would be a great destination.

Southern now to Rome, Italy will be another place to protect your self, with temperatures expecting to exceed 34C today and not dropping below 31C for at least the next 10 days.

Always make sure your protecting yourself in this weather, seek advice if your unsure and be sure to check the Met office website before travelling, to see what they advise.


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