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It's truly has been a year that will be remembered

Where to begin? Where to start? Or as many of us would more aptly put, when does it end? It’s an odd one, perhaps a tough one to write my thoughts on 2020.

Was it good? Was it bad? In fact, truth be told what in the hell was that actual year.

So… What to say? Well, it's truly has been a year that will be remembered, that’s most certainly for certain. And it seemingly is creeping into very much like a movie meaning it’s to be continued.

Hello 2021… ** EYE ROLL ** But what can we take from it and how can we more so explain it? 2020 was a year for change. That’s certainly for sure. It changed for many reasons, and most certainly changed for many people. Many lost their jobs, Sectors slowed down, Industries came to stop, Many had to adapt. And many remain shut, but for what remains how long, and for many more how long more so. I can say from personal experience having changed job occupation and myself as many others have struggled.

It has not been easy.

As it hasn’t been for many. I often like to use the word challenging. Family members lost. Relatives perhaps still ill. And many who never thought would see job change, or perhaps thought were in a so-called secure job now in a position of they believe less. Or most certainly a changed position.

What after all this change can we take from it all? It most certainly is hard to see the positives when things seem so aptly a loss cause, or no end in sight of the tunnel.

So… I’d like to think we as humans have now shown more than ever we are capable of adapting. We are capable of change and managing to adapt where need be. To the potential blocks in the road.

We came around them. To the problems in change. We learned to adapt. Seeing issues in communities. Coming together to help aid, no more so in ‘Sir Captain Tom.’ We are all this and so much more. See, everyone’s perspective will be different depending on where you read this article around the world. And I’m always aware many will disagree with me. But, When it comes down to it. We care, and we have proven track record that when push comes to shove, we will adapt, we will push on, and will try to create the right paths to the end result, no matter the blocks. 6 months ago, a vaccine seemed non-existent, fast forward to now we’re pressing forward. A seemingly black tunnel now has a light at the end of it.

But what else?

What else have we learned. I’ve seen many find joy in the simplest of things. I mean as I stated above, we had to. We went back to basics; we adapted and overcame. Many learned to cook again. Many learnt new skills. Many found old hobbies of past rekindled. Many couldn’t go to the pub, yet a pint was not cancelled. # here here, to the humble pint. Many could not see their friends so ‘Zoom Call Pub Quizzes’ were made, Many were placed on furlough, of which many young dad’s or mams would never get the opportunity to see those early weeks or months with their new born.

Many got out into the great outdoors to get their steps in and become more active in lockdown than when not in lockdown. All this and more. See, It’s very much been aptly put, Sun is not cancelled. Spring is not cancelled. Relationships are not cancelled. Love is not cancelled. Reading is not cancelled. Devotion is not cancelled. Music is not cancelled. Imagination is not cancelled. Kindness is not cancelled. Conversations are not cancelled. And hope is not cancelled.

For what it’s worth 2020 hasn’t been a great year for many but it has shown us to now more than ever learn to appreciate the things we do have, to the things we don’t have. We live a life many would consider to be kings and queens. And many right now wish for the life we currently have. 2020 most certainly have taught us to be that little bit more humble. And a little bit more appreciative.

That being said,

I’d like to finish with a small and final word. If you’ve struggled this year. This is normal. If you’ve found this year hard. This is normal. If you’ve had anxiety issues, depression, or any other mental health issues as a result, This is normal. It may not go away, but it can get easier and there are many forms of therapy. Therapy is most certainly normal, medication is normal, and even more so there is simple help. Just remember you are loved, your family care, your friends are there for you.

Should you only ask.

But when you’re ready, always do what’s best for you.

James BSc.

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