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Leaping in to the Unknown: Gripping and enthralling – unsolved crime unit hits the jackpot

D C Lewen’s Leaping into the Unknown introduces Lucy Firmin. Blessed with a unique gift, she joins a team of agents intent on bringing down a criminal planning to destabilise the country. All of a sudden life changing consequences come into play.

D C Lewens started out keen to write a good holiday-read style novel. With the publication of Leaping into the Unknown on 23rd August 2022 they have achieved their wish and more.

Edgy and compelling, this thriller is character-driven, with agent Lucy Firmin taking centre stage, and the introduction of the enigmatic Neil adding an intriguing dimension to this accomplished debut novel.

With its unexpected plot twists and turns, and the clever introduction of special powers that don’t engulf the plot, the author has created a page-turning thriller with a potent protagonist, who seems like she’s got a busy future ahead of her.


The first step is the most frightening.

After joining a team of agents working on unsolved crimes, Lucy Firmin, born with an unusual gift, finds herself embroiled in a battle against an opponent from a religious cult, who is intent on destabilising the country.

As she struggles to uncover the truth, she meets Miles Rogerson, a freelance journalist, and his enigmatic friend, Neil. But little do they know that their meeting will have life changing consequences – for them all.

The author says:

“I wanted to write a really good holiday style read, with lots going on so the reader would be continually surprised. I was also keen to make sure there was a good mixture of humour and suspense and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, with all the different characters coming together. As I wrote, I could see them in my mind’s eye and feel like I have really got to know them while writing this novel. In fact, three of them appear in the children’s book I've nearly finished!”

Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Leaping into the Unknown (ISBN: 978-1-80378-071-9) is published on 23rd August 2022 and is available in paperback (£10.99) and Kindle format. Waterstones | Foyles | Amazon | Cranthorpe Millner


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