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Lucky Teeth

Having a beautiful smile is certainly something that we all strive for. A bright white smile can add tons of confidence to someone as they go about everyday life both in personal and professional life. Most of us choose our toothpaste without even looking whats in it, maybe because it promises to be 3 times whiter than the rest or its for sensitive teeth. But do we actually know whats in them? Well lucky for us the people at Lucky Teeth have done the research for us!

Lucky Teeth is a organic toothpaste and oral care company which looked at the toothpastes on the market and what effects they have on your health. Speaking to the brand about how they started, they told us, 'We started researching on how to whiten teeth naturally and surprisingly arrived to activated charcoal! crazy a black element will make teeth whiter.' They continued, 'We tried it and wow...we were hooked. this was a once a week routine, then we made a tooth powder to clean our teeth everyday, of course it was not as pleasant to use as a paste is. Our teeth never felt cleaner and whiter'.

We wanted to learn more about why the brand started and it's clear to see they are certainly here to help those who are unaware... which seems to be quite a few of us, 'We started looking for alternative toothpastes many years ago when we learned about fluoride and its negative effects on our health. We were content but not satisfied using organic toothpaste, our teeth didn't feel sparkly clean and some stains build up over time'. The focus for Lucky Teeth seems to be to genuinely help peoples oral care. 'We believe a beautiful smile with healthy vibrant teeth bring us happiness as well as to those whom we share our smiles with !'

The brand are certainly setting themselves up for that community feel giving their consumers a chance to be apart of a group which organically helping them take care of their oral hygiene.

You can shop the full collection from Lucky Teeth over at

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