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The Whiskey Experience

Our Second installment is on our trip to Legendary bar Map Maison in Haggerston, London. We was invited down to Map Maison for a 'Whiskey Experience'. This is by far one of the best experiences I've ever had. As a huge fan of whiskey it was always going to be a great day, when we arrived we was informed we was going to be having a Japanese whiskey masterclass. Japanese whiskey is something i hadn't before and something i knew very very little about, that was about to change with the help of Heidi.

Heidi was the woman leading our Japanese whiskey masterclass. The self taught expert new what she was talking about in great detail. When visiting a place like this its always good to know as a customer the staff know what they are talking about, but Heidi took this to the next level. She also informed us she was self taught which in it's self is incredible.

During the masterclass we tried 4 different whiskeys from the Hibiki range;


Hibiki Masters select

Hibiki 17

Nikka whiskey

All having there distinctive flavours. We even got to make our own Japanese whiskey based cocktail from behind the bar. (Below is a video of one of our contributors Ed Harrison making his cocktail)

If you are a Whiskey or Gin drinker I highly recommend you visit Map Maison this summer. One of the best experiences with the warm and friendly staff its the perfect afternoon activaty.

You can get an exclusive discount at Map Maison is you head over to our exclusives page!

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