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MEDA - a premium lifestyle brand providing targeted game-changing wellness.

MEDA is a premium lifestyle brand providing targeted, game-changing wellness. MEDA will launch with a collection of functionally-focused beverages that expertly blend CBD (cannabidiol) with synergistic ingredients, empowering consumers to restore their body’s balance and offering a range of CBD benefits. MEDA seeks to optimise wellbeing by integrating seamlessly with your everyday routines and rituals, helping to create a better you. MEDA creates organic, cruelty-free and non-GMO functional CBD products that help to restore the balance of both body and mind as well as offering a range of additional wellness benefits; from improving focus to aiding in sleep and physical recovery.

At present the UK CBD market primarily sees cannabidiol available to consumers in the form of capsules, tinctures and creams sold in specialist pharmacies and health stores. MEDA has identified a gap in the market and curated a nutraceutical-focused beverage collection perfectly suited to the consumer habits of its target market. MEDA’s CBD products are designed for urbanites to live busy, demanding lives without a daily build-up of stress or ill health.

The four initial offerings in the MEDA collection help to ease anxiety and tension (Calm), boost the immune system (Defence), reduce inflammation (Recover) and improve focus and cognitive performance (Focus). Each bespoke blend is delivered in a convenient, 150ml ‘shot’-style formula and contains 15mg of THC-free, micro liposomal organic cannabidiol. This both maximises the absorption and wellness benefits of the CBD and ensures that the products are fully compliant with UK regulations.

Calm (150ml)

(15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Lemon Balm and Lavender essential oil to increase calm, L-Theanine to reduce anxiety, B vitamin blend to boost mood, Lemon Balm to reduce stress, Chamomile for a calming effect and Ashwagandha to help lower cortisol)

Defence (150 ml)

(15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Vitamin C and Zinc to boost immunity, Cranberry to act as a natural antioxidant, Echinacea to promote healthy skin and Aronia Berry to help reduce inflammation)

Recover (150 ml)

(15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, Ginger as an antioxidant, Piperine to increase the availability of Curcumin and Vitamin D to aid in muscle recovery and wellness)

Focus (150 ml)

(15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, organic Espresso, Panax Ginseng to aid cognitive performance and Rosemary to help enhance memory and concentration)

MEDA’s business model will see the brand trade through a multi-channel, direct-to-consumer mail-order and subscription service, enabling customers to order bespoke ‘mix-and-match’ bundles tailored to their individual wellness needs. MEDA will also take the brand to market via considered retail partnerships with outlets to include department stores, premium food retailers, fast casual food outlets, high end fitness destinations, private members’ clubs, boutique and 5* hotels, airlines and pharmacies. Positioned as a lifestyle wellness brand, MEDA will launch two new SKUs in mid-September entitled ‘Sleep’ and ‘Glow’ and will continue to expand its product line throughout 2020 as part of its ambitious growth strategy.

As a London-based brand with a global outlook, MEDA is collaborating with UK-based producer British Cannabis, who have developed a proprietary plant-based alcohol extraction method that provides CBD with an unrivalled level of purity. British Cannabis cultivates the highest quality CBD across its network of farms in Europe and owns and operates a dedicated growing facility in Portugal, allowing for dedicated in-house research and development. Working closely with the MHRA, FSA and Europe’s largest cannabis industry organisation, the UK Cannabis Trades Association, British Cannabis is perfectly positioned to provide best in class products, expert consultancy and assistance with regulatory compliance for new and established companies within the UK CBD industry.

In further support of fellow British businesses and in line with its sustainable ethos, MEDA has also pledged to keep all product manufacturing within the UK and has partnered with Bottling UK Ltd, a leading drinks manufacturer and bottler with bases in Leicester and London. All packaging is fully recyclable.

MEDA is led by founder Adam Feldheim, a natural entrepreneur with more than 18 years’ experience in corporate finance, market research and technical business development, who has built MEDA from the ground up after discovering the benefits and potential of CBD whilst visiting family in California. From its inception MEDA has worked alongside leading CBD expert Mary Biles, who, as Head of Education, will position MEDA as an authoritative and informative voice in the emerging industry and help the brand lead the field in CBD wellness.



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