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Michelin Award-winning Chef Sebby Holmes Is Encouraging Londoners To Use Up Those Pumpkin Leftovers

... This Halloween.

How to get bang for your buck from your favourite Halloween-inspired decoration

  • Halloween is in full swing & Michelin award-winning chef Sebby Holmes encourages Londoners not waste pumpkins after a DIY carving/interior styling session

  • Sebby Holmes shares two delicious Thai recipes - sweet and savoury - that use up pumpkin to make sure the beloved tablepiece doesn’t go to waste this Halloween

  • Pumpkin & Apple Massaman Curry and Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Pudding spiked with rum are perfect additions to an Autumnal themed dinner party

Spooky season is in full swing, many are turning to pumpkin carving and styling their home with cute squash, gourds and pumpkins. The only problem? Throwing away perfectly edible, delicious produce.

Michelin award-winning chef and owner of Farang and PAYST fame, Sebby Holmes, has revealed his favourite recipes that use up the humble pumpkin this Halloween, so you can get bang for your buck and not be left with the leftovers.

The Roast Pumpkin and Apple Massaman Curry and Spiced Pumpkin & Sang Som Rum sticky toffee pudding with coconut toffee sauce are two Thai-inspired pumpkin dishes perfect for the cooler months and for reducing food waste this Halloween - a win win.

The Massaman curry with sweet apple and pumpkin pair perfectly with jasmine rice whilst the sticky toffee pudding spiked with rum served with coconut toffee sauce and ice cream is the perfect decadent end to an Autumnal dinner party.


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