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Mrs Hinch's influencer power sends Easigrass sales soaring

A single snap of a lawn from popular Instagram influencer, Mrs Hinch, sent sales soaring for award-winning artificial grass supplier, Easigrass. The rocketing interest came after the Instagram star posted a picture of her new Easigrass lawn to her 4 million followers, describing the company as ‘an absolutely amazing team’.

Mrs Hinch was seeking artificial grass that would be safe, comfortable and hygienic for her toddler and pet dog. After researching various quotes and companies, Mrs Hinch found the perfect match in the Easigrass Mayfair range. The Instagram star was so delighted with her new lawn that she posted a picture on her Instagram stories. Mrs Hinch tagged the Easigrass team, calling them ‘quick, polite and complete professionals’.

Mrs Hinch is a well-known Instagram influencer with a 4 million-strong community who follow her posts on cleaning, mental health and general home tips. Her influence has helped many small businesses sell out of stock and grow exponentially. The Mrs Hinch effect Once her story went live on Sunday 7th March, the ‘Mrs. Hinch effect’ was almost immediate: > The Easigrass Instagram account noticed an influx of new followers > Franchises across the UK saw a big increase in people getting in touch > Comparing the Easigrass web traffic flow on the day Mrs Hinch posted with the same day a year earlier, there was a notable difference: +2,761% increase in users to the website +2,221% increase in leads from the website The impact could be seen on Google, too. The UK search term for ‘Easigrass’ increased +156% in the same period when compared to last year. To complement this, the search term ‘artificial grass’ also enjoyed a boost of popularity, with a +205% increase in searches when compared to the same period in 2020.

Easigrass were glad to help Mrs Hinch with her garden and is pleased to welcome new customers looking for the same amazing results. About Easigrass Easigrass is an award-winning provider of artificial grass for homes and businesses across the UK. Ultra-realistic, low-maintenance and with pet and child-safe options available, Easigrass makes for a superb family-friendly option.

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