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HM Visits: Murger Han Han

Murger Han is London's first authentic Xi'an restaurant with 2 locations in the capital Euston and Mayfair the Xi'an restaurant named after what is believed to be the worlds oldest sandwich the 'Murger' similar to the western worlds Hamburger the Murger is essentially meat in a bun.

We visited the Murger Han restaurant in London's Mayfair and its fair to say it was an experience we wont forget quickly.

The venue

Lets start with the venue, 2 floors one which boasts a modern theme, very light and open and the other is quite dark - more of a night club setting. We were sat on the darker floor. Compared to the up stairs modern and light the floor we was on deem dark and dingy. Missing light bulbs and music that kept stopping and starting. It wasn't the most comfortable place to eat.

The Food

Moving on to the food. Now this is one thing we couldn't fault the food was fantastic. We started with the Pork Murger which was a little oily but tasted great. We then moved on to the Chicken Gyoza's again we couldn't fault them, amazing flavour, crispy everything you want a gyoza to be. For the mains we had Murger Hanhan’s House Special Dry Beef Noodle & La Tiao Zi with Beef and with out questions both dishes were flavoursome, tasted incredibly fresh and great portion sizes. We agreed that there was no room for criticism.

Murger Han Han is a great place to go for food in London, the restaurants staff let them down a little as the waiter we had was sitting on him phone the whole time we were there. Fortunately for them the food was exeptional.

We would recommend visiting to try the first Xi'an restaurant in London. Why not book your table now?

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