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New Survey shows a Third of the UK Believe this Will Be the Best May Ever

- But 4 in 10 Find Planning Stressful.

  • New data from Onin shows 35 percent of Brits believe this May will be the best, rising to 53 percent of 25 to 34 year olds.

  • But 41 percent claim planning get-togethers with friends can be stressful.

  • 28 percent of the population already have events booked for every weekend in May.

  • 95 percent of 25-44 year olds plan in chat apps, but only 40 percent of plans ever reach their calendar

  • Onin has just launched its keyboard calendar which helps to simplify the planning process allowing users to access their calendars right from their phone’s keyboard.

  • The survey of 2,000 consumers was carried out by Opinion Matters.

Onin has today unveiled the results of a consumer survey into ‘Manic May’. As the days get warmer, longer, and summer approaches, May is already one of the busiest months in the UK. But this year with the combination of three bank holiday Monday’s, the King’s coronation, and Eurovision, May has the potential to be amazing - and filled with social events!

New data from Onin, the app that integrates your calendar into every app through your phone’s keyboard, shows that May is the most anticipated month. A new survey of 2,000 people carried out by Opinion Matters, revealed that 35 percent of people are excited for what's to come, rising to more than half (53 percent) amongst 25 to 34 year olds.

28 percent have events booked for every weekend in May. But the survey also revealed that 41 percent of people find planning get-togethers stressful, in spite of how excited they may be for the month itself. This is explained by the staggering fact that even though 95% of 25-44 year old Brits plan in chat apps, only 40% of those plans ever make it into our calendar, getting lost on the ether of DMs, group chats, and notifications on our digital devices!

Ryan Brodie, Founder of Onin, said “This May will be a manic month, with lots of opportunities to socialise with family and friends. I’ve already got multiple birthday celebrations planned, a coronation party, gigs, and lots of sport - combine this with our official launch of Onin and it’s a crazy month! I’m constantly organising plans in WhatsApp with friends and family, and I need my calendar in the conversation. This is why we built Onin, to make it easy for your calendar to join every conversation.”

Almost 13 million people in the UK have admitted to being ‘immediate acceptors’ – people who say yes to everything and then worry about their calendars later. These 'immediate acceptors' are at increased risk of double, or even treble booking – compared to those 'pedantic planners' who always double check their diary.

The data revealed the most common excuses used by people who miss something because they’ve double booked are: faking an illness, travel issues, or pretending someone close needs looking after, faking an important appointment or claiming to have never agreed to it in the first place.

But for those who don't want to be left out, and could potentially suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), one in four (28 percent) say they are likely to cram multiple social events with various groups of people into the same day this May.

Onin can help simplify the planning process by allowing users to access their calendar, add events, and share invites right from their phone's keyboard, without leaving the chat. It works with all existing calendars, like Google, Apple, and Outlook. And, with all existing chat apps, like WhatsApp, Messengar, Instagram, Snapchat, Signal, and WeChat.

Ryan continued, "We understand that planning events can be stressful and time consuming. Our mission is to make managing events easier and more efficient for everyone. With Onin’s keyboard calendar, users can now plan events quickly, without ever leaving their conversation. We hope to ease the burden of planning and help people make more meaningful connections with their friends and family."

Onin’s keyboard calendar is the perfect solution to make planning stress-free. With a simple tap on the keyboard, users can add events, check their calendar, and share invites with contacts. This feature makes hosting events easier than ever before. With Onin Keyboard Calendar, users can invite friends and family without ever leaving the conversation. Now available for download on iOS with Android coming soon.

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