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No one is happy all the time

Into every life some rain must fall; nobody is fine all the time.

And if you’re feeling down are struggling with serious problems you are most certainly not alone.

With some clear help you can understand that mental health issues can affect us all and with simple changes you can look after your all mind, body, and soul.

A lot of people don’t tend to realise but quite literally the gym really did save my life.

But how did the gym? Save my life?

You see at the end of the day the gym teaches more than just getting stronger and perhaps getting fitter.

The whole purpose of the gym is it teaches discipline and routine.

In a world where for at least three months this year that’s 12 weeks, the world came to a stop your routine changed; came to a stop. Your life changed; came to a stop. And in most cases everything in 24 hours; came to a stop. And that was part of the problem not many people had a plan B or a second plan and ideally the gym

teaches us to make a plan B or a second routine. It teaches what to do how to do it and where to do it, not only this but you’re probably getting stronger physically mentally and improving your overall well-being along the way. Win, win.

You see the gym is a source place where you can let yourself go, and basically let off a little bit of steam.

There is no form of judgement and you can mostly go at any time any place anywhere and even if the gym is shot you can still go to the great outdoors by going for a walk 10,000 steps each day or perhaps simply sitting in an open space.

Practice doing a simple grounding technique and asking yourself what can I see, what can I hear, what can I feel, what can I taste and overall, what is the general sense.

It is best normally great doing this when you’re in a calm state, meaning you can focus more on your breathing for a period of 30 minutes and generally switching off. It’s always good to remember no one is happy all the time. In fact it’s pretty normal to not feel okay, sometimes whether you’re just feeling a bit down I suspect it might be more serious you should never feel like you have to go through a difficult period alone. Isolating can be quite sad; it can feel empty cause anxiety and depression can feel a lot more intense.

You see always remember there are people who understand, and they really do care and for whatever reason any form of practical tips and ideas can definitely help, there’s no problem too big or too small that cannot be helped.

Always remember you can only help yourself when you are ready and no one else can force you. Nothing can change until you are ready.

A famous quote is, “nothing changes if nothing changes.” And it is not until we are lost, we begin to understand ourselves.

Always remember there is no standard normal, normal is very subjective and there are 7 billion versions of normal on this planet you’re most definitely not on your own.

Except that you are perfectly imperfect and when you’re struggling with your mental health it can feel like an exhausting battle as you try to fight demons and russell negative emotions in your life. Remember yourself in this moment exactly as you are you may feel though you might be suffering with anxiety, you might be living with depression or struggling with an addiction right now in this moment you are still all and the necessary human imperfectly perfect and you should embrace the glorious mess that you are.

Just to finish always remember that mental health covers a broad spectrum of many things anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and eating disorders alongside alcohol and drug abuse. Feeling low, disordered eating, and many more just remember you are always good enough but only you have the power to change, you can do anything but not everything, and it’s never over reacting to ask for what you need to help.

Remember on a final note, social media for many people, social media has become a normal part of everyday life.

Logging onto an Instagram or Facebook account for example is viewed as a good way to interact with each other, however in numerous studies have found that high social media news can hinder mental health and more time used or spent on social media means the more likely you are experiencing symptoms of depression anxiety or fear of missing out. When social media is viewed with a relaxed mindset for a short amount of time each day, social media can be an effective way to connect with like-minded people. But unfortunately it’s easy to begin checking social media obsessively getting sucked into a cycle of social media comparison so it’s important to remember social media is not real life. It’s highly edited and very much filtered. It’s a snapshot of the many people wanting to seem like a

record of achievement.

If social media is starting to make you feel unhappy consider whether it might be better to curb your time on it or perhaps simply try limiting yourself to half an hour a day for a few weeks I have a couple of social media free days each week and see if you feel differently afterwards remember very little is needed to make a happy life it is all within yourself and your way of thinking. So always be kind to your body.

Until next month.

James bsc.


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