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Nothing Happens (Twice)

Multilingual physical theatre duo draw parallels between Waiting for Godot and autobiographical experience of being dressed as flamingos in Westfield

Devised by Mercè Ribot and Patricia Rodriguez | Directed by Ursula Martínez

Touring, 11 March – 21 April 2023

PRESS NIGHTS: Jackson’s Lane, Saturday 11 March 19:30 | MAC Birmingham, Friday 17 March 19:45

“Technically brilliant and jaw-droppingly entertaining hour of theatre” ★★★★★ The Stage (on Don Quixote)

@LittleSoldierP | #NothingHappensTwice |

Acclaimed multilingual physical theatre company Little Soldier Productions are combining slapstick humour with absurdist Beckett as they quest for the answer to ‘why do we carry on’. In 2018, after many successful shows, Spanish theatre makers Mercè and Patricia hit new lows when they find themselves dressed as flamingos in Westfield shopping centre promoting the Andalucian tourist board – and they’re not even from Andalucia. In the meantime, they’re struggling to get the rights to perform Waiting For Godot, and suddenly their shopping centre purgatory starts feeling a little like a the play they’re hoping to perform.

After an exciting few years making and touring shows all over the world, Mercè and Patricia have somehow lost momentum and hit rock bottom. They always knew that making theatre would be difficult, but when they must dress up as flamingos in a shopping centre to make ends meet, they seriously consider giving up. Can their shared dream of staging Waiting for Godot get them back on track or will their long-held ambition be strangled by red tape?

Mercè and Patricia have said ‘We started this show pre-Covid and developed it through lockdown, which really forced us to extend our research period and slow down the process. We would meet up with the team on Saturday mornings for a few hours over a long period of time. We really became obsessed by Beckett’s life and work, which allowed us time to really think about the central question of the show (why do we carry on?), how it mirrors Waiting for Godot and how we were going to tell our story.’

Director Ursula Martinez fuses theatrical concepts, personal experience, and popular forms to create innovative challenging, experimental theatre that is reflective of contemporary, post-modern world, with a commitment to exploring humour and what is is to be human.

Renowned as a leading and devising physical comedy theatre company in the UK, Little Soldier’s work ranges from laugh out loud, to heart felt autobiographies. The performing duo have been creating joyful, honest, and innovative theatre since 2010, winning The Stage Award for Acting Excellence (Don Quixote) and the Argus Angel Award (You and Me). Their award-winning and critically acclaimed productions have been supported by Arts Council England, Ovalhouse, HOME, Jacksons Lane, and Battersea Arts Centre amongst other venues and organisations. From touring productions extensively throughout the UK and across the globe Little Soldier’s productions represent one of the many perspectives found in contemporary England, elevating the national cultural landscape.

Patricia and Mercè have trained and worked professionally with practitioners: Philippe Gaulier, John Wright, Paul Hunter (Told By An Idiot), Aitor Basauri (Spymonkey), Caroline Horton, Emily Gray (Trestle) and Uri Roodner. Specialising in devised work, physical comedy, and clown, working through games and improvisation to find the pleasure of being onstage.

Running Time: 60 mins | Suitable for ages 14+ (some strong language)


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