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oqLiq presented AW 22 ‘Spacetime’ during Taipei fashion Week

Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on functional simplicity. In terms of materials, oqLiq have incorporated the use of a lightweight fabric made from oyster shells this season, combined with recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is then fused together with insulation layers via a high-pressure sealing process minimise stitching, keeping the heat trapped between the wearer and the clothing. The concept and idea of “re-sea“ was put into practice, where ocean waste, fishing ropes and fish scales were collected and repurposed into innovative functional fabrics. Visually, the patterns mimic a futuristic configuration, where multiple dimensions are layered and juxtaposed to present the concept of “Retro Futurism”. As always, oqLiq's process starts from the fabrics - from there, founders and designers Kay and Orbit, build each of their creations into a piece of high-quality garments with a real purpose for their everyday customers.

True to oqLiq’s signature, a strong menswear line up consists of functional ready-to- wear featuring kimono collars, wraparound outerwear fastened by utility buckles, structured trench coats and blazers paired with Hakama inspired pants, ensuring an urban masculinity. The collection elevates the casual everyday vibe to a sophisticated city silhouette.

Notably, oqLiq also launched two collaboration sneaker styles with New Balance Taiwan – the iconic 574 and XC -72, where up to 50% of the materials are environmentally friendly and the sole consist of 3% organic matter and 5 % recycled material. The XC 72 is a slick retro style trainer with the toe shape inspired by '70s concept car designs, perfectly aligned with oqLiq’s fascination of “Retro Futurism.”