• Curtis Hinton

PodBerry - The Dried not fried Pea Snack

We are all always searching for new tasty snacks and if they're healthy that's an added bonus right?

Introducing Pod berry - The crunchy pea snack that's 'dried not fried'. The less than 75 Calories per pack snacks is actually freeze dried peas with flavourings. The peas are freeze dried to keep in the nutrients and to give them their signature crunch.

The snacks come in 4 different flavours; Sweet Chilli, Ham Hock, Sea salt and Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan & truffle flavours. All Vegan, gluten free, high in protein and low in fat, Podberry snacks are the ones to be trying!

The people behind the brand are fourth generation farmers in Perthshire, Scotland, with them saying 'This beautifully lush region is famous for its rich fields, providing the perfect growing conditions for our delicious peas'.

The Process is quite straight forward claiming they harvest the peas in the summer at their peek and then instantly freeze fry them to lock in the goodness - and we couldn't agree more!

Get yourself a pack of these incredible tasting healthy snacks! Shop Here

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