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Q&A : Alasdair Beckett-King

Created and performed by multi award winning stand-up comedian Alasdair Beckett-King, Nevermore is a show about The North Sea; a subject not talked about enough in comedy, we think! In the words of the author, it deals with unravelling some of life’s shallowest mysteries and answers questions you didn’t know needed asking. ABK is also a prolific YouTuber, his spoof videos have amassed millions of views.

We asked ABK some questions to better whet the audiences’ appetite for his very special brand of humour.

How do you define whimsy?

I deliberately describe my stuff as "hard-hitting whimsy" because I enjoy silly cleverness and clever silliness. Being embarrassed about enjoying whimsy is like being ashamed of liking fun. And yet, some people have a real problem with whimsy. "I can't stand whimsy, I just can't stand it!" an antelope told me recently. But I will not be silenced.

Do you think that rising sea levels across The North could be attributed to the sea’s wilful misinterpretation of the governments levelling up policy and love on puns?


Is the North Sea a blessing or a curse for The North?

Without the North Sea you'd be able to walk directly to Norway. Imagine the delight when the people of Sunderland awaken to find a fjord on their doorstep? Meanwhile, the loss of North Sea oil and gas would be a mixed bag. While we do need to move away from fossil fuels, the blow to our energy security would make us more dependent on Putin. So, honestly, it's swings and roundabouts.

Which is your favourite beach in The North?

Perhaps this makes me a traitor to the North-East, but I quite like North Yorkshire's Robin Hood's Bay.

Would you retire to The North?

I'm a millennial, none of us will be allowed to retire.

What is the difference in mindset between creating a stand-up show versus a YouTube video?

A stand-up show is a long-term commitment; it costs a lot more money and it takes a lot more effort. On the other hand, it also reaches a much smaller audience so… hold on…

I suppose I'm doing the stand-up show because I miss it, and I miss the Edinburgh Fringe. I miss it in the same way that you miss your parents when you don't see them for two years. And then, after half an hour with them, you've had enough.

Alasdair Beckett-King: Nevermore, Pleasance Dome (JackDome), 7pm, 3-29 August (not 22)


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