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Q & A: Colin Hoult

We're talking to celebrated character comedian Colin Hoult about his Edinburgh Fringe show 'The Death of Anna Mann'. Debuting at pleasance courtyard, the show tells the story of Anna Mann's wonderful life in the arts in her final hour. Hoult presents a beautiful meditation on life and death and everything through comedic lens.

See Colin Hoult: The Death of Anna Mann at the Pleasance during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-28 August. For more information and tickets visit or

Describe The Death of Anna Mann in one sentence?

It’s the Death of Anna Mann 

Will you be emotional after your last show of the tour?

God yes. I have problems with emotional regulation. There’s a good chance the last 20 minutes will be unintelligible over my embarrassing sobbing. 

Does performing as your brilliant character give you a sense of relief from the real


Oh yes indeed! I would go so far to say she has all the skills, confidence, and conviction I lack. I find much of life a constant uphill battle but when I get to be Anna I am light as air. And thanks for saying she’s brilliant. 

Any other shows you want to see at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe?

All of them if I can. I love seeing lots of theatre it’s calming. With comedy shows I love them but my brain makes it so I’m genuinely scared I might join in. I work a lot with a mind-blowing magician and comedian Pete Heat and his show this year’s going to be excellent. 

What do you hope people will take away from seeing your show?

I’d love them to feel stuffed of joy and even a little hope. That they feel a bit better about the terror of death and grief. To go away a little lighter and dancing like they’ve just seen Elvis. Is that too much to hope?

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