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Q&A : Emo Majok

We're talking to raw comedic talent, Emo Majok, about his Edinburgh Fringe show African Aussie. Debuting at the Underbelly, Emo tells side-splitting stories and anecdotes, ranging from his time in a refugee camp in East Africa to his journey as a comedian in Australia. Majok shares more about his hilarious show and expectations for fringe with Hinton Magazine ...

For those that don’t know, what is your show ‘African Aussie’ all about?

My show African Aussie is like a semi autobiography of my life story. It consists of my family fleeing war torn Sudan, finding refuge in a refugee camp in neighbouring country Ethiopia to which my mother gave birth to me in. 3 years later we are forced to flee once again to another country due war breaking out, so my family walked yet another country to find another refugee camp in neighbouring Kenya. 4 years later we got sponsored to Australia and then the real fun begins.

African Aussie covers my early life in Australia, how it was starting from scratch, adjusting to western culture while knowing no English. We talk about past adventures, one-night stands and travelling the globe before the world came to halt or a screeching stop due to Covid-19. My show explores leaving an 80k a year career to begin an adventure in stand-up, all while managing parental duties and so much more.

Will this be your first time visiting Scotland?

I have travelled so much of the world in my lifetime but surprisingly this is my first time coming to Edinburgh; but I'm sure that it will not be my last. I have heard some many great things; my to-do list is a mile long; I want to see and do it all.

What is one thing you hope the audience will take away from the show? That we can all come together and celebrate our differences, our differences are what makes us so unique. We all have our own story we should celebrate that.

What is a dish you love eating in Australia that we should know about?

Hahahahahaha I couldn't tell you. I am a Nando's man though, not sure what you want to do with that information 😎

What is it like being a father?

Being a father is the most fulfilling job I have ever been blessed with. My kids are my motivation. Whenever I slow down or feel uninspired all it takes is a phone call, an afternoon, hug or just anything if it’s from the kids. They help me quickly remember why I do what I do so passionately. My kids are my life.

See Emo Majok: African Aussie at the Underbelly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-29 August. For more information and tickets visit or


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