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Q&A : Joseph Parsons

We are interviewing rising comedic sensation Joseph Parsons on his new Edinburgh Fringe show 'Equaliser.' Debuting at The Tonic, Parsons delivers a personal yet hilarious show about his experience growing up as a closeted gay sports fanatic in West County. A mix of intimate story telling and keen observations on LGBTQ+ issues within sport, his new show is bound to be a festival favourite.

Which elements from “Equaliser” are you most excited for the audience to see this year at Edinburgh Fringe?

I’m really excited to overshare some of the most embarrassing stories I could dig out from the deepest darkest depths of my memory. I’m also excited to make sport accessible for those who hate it and to celebrate it with those who love it. I really care about what this show is about, so in general I can’t wait to get on stage and perform it.

What specific experiences around body image and sports brought you to the inception of “Equaliser”?

Well when looking at my relationship with sport, it felt important to look at what I found uncomfortable when I was younger and what I feel uncomfortable with now. So changing room environments, weight loss and not being comfortable in my body has always been a challenge. There’s humour in the things we have anxiety about and often the funniest moments are things that come from an honest place.

What are your favourite parts about doing sketches on Instagram? Favourite parts about performing life? Which do you prefer?

Sketch is still quite a new skill for me but it's a really fun opportunity to collaborate with one of my closest mates (Joseph Emslie) and just be really silly. But sketch has influenced my live show without giving too much away! Performing life is fun and sometimes exhausting. Lots of long journeys, late nights and an in-depth knowledge of service stations. But there really is nothing like performing live - Its the best! When you've spent a lot of time writing material and people laugh at it, there's nothing more satisfying. It's worth the soggy samosas from a service station at 2am in the morning.

Which act are you most excited to see at Edinburgh Fringe this year?

My pals Joseph Emslie and Liz Guterbock have brilliant shows. I previewed recently with Rob Copland and his show is absolutely hilarious. So well worth a watch.

If you had to pick one joke to tell for the rest of your life, what would it be?

When anyone drops anything, it's a family rule to say 'dropped that then!' - it's not funny but it's one of those reoccurring family jokes that will live longer than we will.

See Joseph Parsons: Equaliser at The Tonic during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 4-28 August. For more information and tickets visit or


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