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Q&A : Magical Bones

We're talking to British Got Talent finalist Magical Bones about his upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show Soulful Magic. Following a sold-out run in 2019 , Bones returns with his brand-new high-energy magic show filled with mesmerising illusions and jaw-dropping break-dance moves. Debuting at Assembly Check point, the spellbinding show is a must-see Fringe 2022.

Are you excited to be back at the fringe after your sell out tour in 2019?

Yes I am super excited to be back and I’m really looking forward to sharing all the new ideas I’ve come up with. The world has been on pause for the last few years, and live performances have taken a big hit. This year feels really special to go back to the Fringe as everything is returning back to normal. It is like the re-birth of live entertainment at the fringe and now it’s all systems go!

Describe your show soulful magic using one sentence?

Soulful magic is a fusion of all my favourite genres of entertainment, I describe it as a concert of powerful magic & illusion sprinkled with some hip-hop flavour.

If you had to pick magic, comedy or breakdancing what would it be?

This is a tough choice because I love all of them. Comedy is great because laughter is medicine for the soul, breakdancing is my heartbeat and I am a Bboy for life. But, I would have to go with Magic because it gives me the power to create miracles and therefore I can do all three!

What was it like meeting famous magicians Penn and Teller?

So, I met Penn & Teller via Zoom when I did the show Fool US. The format of the show was slightly different due to travel being really restricted, because of the pandemic. It was actually pretty cool, as the production company filmed my act at a live location on the street and then Penn & Teller watched it live over Zoom. I got to have a really nice conversation with Penn about street performing, as they themselves started out on the streets. I didn’t manage to fool them on that occasion; however they were super supportive and loved my style of magic and the original presentation.

What is the first magic trick you learnt?

I started Magic at the age of 10. My Mum bought me a Paul Daniels magic set and I practiced all the tricks in the set. However, I would say the first magic trick I learnt to perform in front of an audience was making money disappear! I did this with a coin for my aunty Pamela in my living room.

See Magical Bones: Soulful Magic at the Assembly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-28 August. For more information and tickets visit or


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