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Q&A : Myra Dubois

Star of stage, screen and lockdown live-stream, BGT Semi-Finalist, Myra DuBois is bringing her benevolently empathetic mix of sage advice and relaxation tips to Edinburgh, presented as only Myra can, in her show A Problem Shared. Featuring everything you've come to love and expect from Myra including her distinct brand of warm, unbridled kindness, she utilises her ... 'unique'… people skills to heal the trauma of her wounded public.

We sat down with Myra to bask in her warm halo and better acknowledge her powers.

Do you think the world of self-help needs a lot of help?

I really, truly do. It’s like the adage about the dentist with the terrible teeth. Those who offer a service often neglect themselves in their own area of expertise, don’t you think? Well not I! To make sure my own mental wellbeing and spiritual anchoring is in tip top condition (so that I may serve my public and celebrity wellness seekers) I’ve been in regular contact with my own wellness guru, the Doctor Reverend Guru Malcom. Via scheduled Zoom calls of course because he’s inside. Let’s not go into it but I shall say this much; I wouldn’t have called it fraud.

You won an award being playing the Best Villain in panto. Will we see any of that villainous side in your new show, or will you be nothing but your usual altruistic self?

Just because I played a villain it doesn’t mean I AM a villain, goodness me no. It’s called ACTING! I am, actually, a very pleasant person. Sunshine personified some might say. Delightful to a fault. I was only good at playing a villain because you’re able to tell the kids to piss off at a 10am show with a raging hangover.

Your show encourages meditation. Do you think people should meditate on their own, or they should ask for the guidance of an expert, such as yourself, when doing so?

Can I just say I think it would be dangerous to begin alone, quite frankly, to be perfectly honest with you, in my opinion, if it’s all the same to you, actually. No, much safer to buy a ticket to my show. Even if you can’t come to my show, just buy a ticket anyway. Before meditating whip your smartphone out, buy a ticket and then breath. Or just send me the cash. Only then will it be safe, as any other Energy Worker out there would tell you.

What do you think it is that sets you apart from all the healers out there?

The rest of them are frauds and tricksters! Charlatans and scoundrels! With me you get the genuine article. It’s an authenticity that money can’t buy! Tickets start at £7.

Do you feel your healing powers helped, maybe in just a small proportion, to healing the pandemic?

I couldn’t possibly say. I will say this; the scientists who developed the vaccines got us through the (still ongoing) p*md*m*c. But who was sending them healing vibes through the cosmos? Could it be moi? Could I take the credit for the vaccines? I’m too modest to confess, so I’ll leave it with you.

Your public feels wounded after the pandemic. Do you think they need to feel a bit wounded to fully appreciate your powers?

My public were wounded long before the pandemic my love. It’s what keeps them coming!

Myra Dubois: A Problem Shared, Underbelly, Bristo Square (Dairy Room), 7.45pm, 3-28 August (not 16)


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