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Q&A : Rajiv Karia

We're talking to rising star and BBC New Comedian 2019 nominee Rajiv Karia about his upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Show 'Gallivant'. Debuting at the pleasance, the show is an entertaining deadpan comedy following Karia's personal experience as a child of immigrants. With a brilliantly sardonic tone Rajiv navigates his millennial slacker identity and the meaning of existence searching for a purpose in life; turning a philosophical crisis into an insanely hilarious hour show!

You’ve had quite an extensive amount of achievements in the past few years. What did it feel like to be nominated as BBC New Comedian of the Year in 2019?

It was a great feeling to make the shortlist – I thought they’d sent me the email by accident. The heat was at Up The Creek in Greenwich, and it was the biggest crowd I’d ever played to. If I could do it again, I would try to win.

What is running through your head as you prepare for your debut?

Mostly just “don’t be crap”, “don’t forget the words” “don’t repeatedly ask them if they like you”. So same as usual really.

How do you find purpose and/or meaning through your comedy?

I think it’s a pretty insular journey – success is becoming the best performer you can be, so finding your most honest and ‘you’ material. That’s how you find your purpose – you can be a creative genius, a dirt-broke, unemployed, critical darling.

How has growing up as a child of immigrants informed your sense of humour?

It’s like growing up with dual cultures – which eventually become one culture – British Asian. I’m as British Asian as tea, curry, and racial persecution.

What does “Gallivant” mean to you?

It means adventures – big and small, but adventures all the same. And it was either that or calling “Big Daddy Rajiv makes you ROFL (No Refunds)”

See Rajiv Karia: Gallivant at the Pleasance during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-28 August. For more information and tickets visit or

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