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Reality TV’s most successful star signs, revealed

There are many qualities that make reality show contestants shine, from natural charisma and bravery, to kindness and humour - but what role do star signs play? Are the winners of these shows written in the stars?

Eager to find out, zodiac experts at Online Psychic Chat analysed over 200 winners of popular UK reality shows to determine which of the star signs have been the most successful.

1st - Aquarius

First in the rankings is Aquarius. This air sign is known for being innovative, intelligent, and marching to the beat of their own drum - which sets them apart from the crowd in the reality world of big personalities.

With a reputation for being somewhat aloof, it may be surprising that this sign has had such success in the realm of reality TV. However, the direct and genuine nature of Aquarians allows their passion and sincerity to shine, and their aversion to conformity allows them to think outside the box and succeed in unexpected ways.

Aquarians’ passion and natural ability to innovate could explain why the sign has the most winners of Masterchef, including victors such as Jayne Middlemiss and Sophie Thompson.

A notable Aquarian who proves their ability to succeed in the world of reality TV is Joe Swash, who won both I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Dancing on Ice.

2nd - Taurus

Following closely in second place, is the sign of the bull: Taurus. This earth sign shines when it comes to resilience, hard work, and long term pursuits, so it makes sense that Taurus contestants also put in the work to succeed in the shows they participate in. To audiences, the grounded and practical nature of this sign is likely a refreshing and reliable presence against the backdrop of any reality show drama.

The Taurean resilience this sign is known for perhaps explains why it has been the most successful out of all signs on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Harry Redknapp is the most recent Taurus winner and one of the most popular campmates of all time, and resilience was a necessary trait for him after he was shocked to discover they wouldn’t be served bacon sandwiches on the hush hush…

Taurus is also a winning sign on Love Island, with four previous winners sharing the bull-headed zodiac sign, including original winner Jessica Hayes, Kem Cetinay, Jack Fincham, and recent winner Sanam Harrinanan.

3rd - Scorpio

Up next in the rankings is Scorpio. One of the most passionate and thrill seeking signs, they are more than up for the challenge of reality show competition. Their confident, loyal, and charismatic nature makes them popular amongst friends and audiences alike, and their strategic minds allow them to navigate precarious situations.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here beloved winners Jacqueline Jossa, Georgia Toffolo, and Vicky Pattinson are all Scorpios, proving that Scorpios still hold their charm in risky and adventurous environments.

The first ever winner of Celebrity MasterChef, England Rugby Captain Matt Dawson, is another Scorpio champion, as well as Celebrity Big Brother winners Rylan Clark and Sarah Harding.

Check out the full table below:


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