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Rebel Woman: Unapologetic Memoir Empowers Women to Thrive in Face of Adversity.

Hailed “Harrowing & Inspiring”. Michelle Margaret Marques’s ‘Rebel Woman: Baring My Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars’ takes readers deep inside the life of the author, as she overcomes child abuse, a near-death experience and a prison sentence, to thrive as an entrepreneur and role model to women around the world. Through her own story, Michelle wants to inspire other women to take their current situation and embark on a new paradigm where they thrive through calling the shots. Intrigued? Read on…

When Michelle Margaret Marques sits back to examine her success as the owner of successful beauty spars and founder of award-winning natural beauty line ‘Elise Marques’, she knows her past played a big part. But it wasn’t one of prosperity and privilege, but one of abuse, confusion, poor decisions and tragedy. In her new memoir, ‘Rebel Woman: Baring My Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars’, Michelle invites readers to step alongside her for the entire journey from childhood to the present. One thing is guaranteed, their own life will never be the same again. Synopsis: Rebel Woman is an inspiring and intimate memoir; a personal invitation from Michelle Margaret Marques to share in the many turbulent and triumphant experiences that have profoundly shaped her life for the better. Starting out as a child in Glasgow, Michelle’s story is a brazen tale of living with fire in her hair and becoming the woman she was meant to be by learning to take her power back every step of the way. With shocking honesty and humour, Michelle takes you on a journey through her experiencing child abuse, a near-death experience, the loss of her mum and hero, time spent in prison, the birth of who she is today, and much more. Rebel Woman is a prime example of the awakening anyone can come to in life when their perspective changes from, “why is this happening to me?” to “life is happening for me and not to me.” This book will lovingly challenge you to your core—how you view yourself and even the world around you. Michelle is on a mission to pay forward her gained wisdom and knowledge to women all across the globe; inspiring them to embrace the human experience, take back Self, and have the courage to own it all…the good, the bad, and the occasional ugly. No matter what you want from life, if you’re ready to take your power back, collect and nurture Self, and dare to own it all, then Rebel Woman is the book for you! “When you’ve experienced poverty, adversity and tragedy – you mature quickly,” admits the author. “These experiences forced me to learn a lot and gain wisdom the hardest way possible, but each experience ultimately paved the way for the existence I enjoy today. I want to show any woman how their current situation is no bar to a future of success, and that their experiences in the past may just be the perfect springboard from which to grow.” Continuing, “The book is a mix of my own story, learned lessons and direct advice to women struggling in today’s world. Even if you feel the world is dark and there’s no light in your life, I’ll show you how that burning desire and yearning inside you is all you need to change for the better. I can’t wait for us to build your new future.” Reviews have been extremely positive. Orwell Prize winner Darren McGarvey writes, Michelle does not mess about. From the opening chapter, this distinctly female experience of poverty and adversity is frank, harrowing and inspiring." ‘Rebel Woman: Baring My Battle Wounds and Learning to Love the Scars’ is available for pre-order now:

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