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Repair your body with PhysioLDN

Did you know you can repair your body in the city centre? We've teamed up with PhysioLDN to show you how you can and should be repairing your body... in the centre of London. Based just Minutes away from Liverpool Street Station PhysioLDN offer a whole range of physio based services all intending yo help you and your body. The Practice room is based in London Cryo on Artillery Lane and I payed them a visit to see just how good they were.

So During my visit I wanted to find out how much they knew, and if they could help a reoccurring injury. I was pleased to see the vast amount of services that they offer including; Physiotherapy, Sports massage & recovery, Acupuncture, Osteopathic techniques, Workplace assessments, Pre and post natal physio and Running analysis plus a few more. So It was clear to see they they knew a lot about what they're doing... which is always good. As with any profession you want them to be confident in what they are talking about and at PhysioLDN you could see they knew exactly what they were talking about, comfortable to take any questions which is always great!

After a short conversation we moved on the treatment form my injury. Before she started the treatment, checks were performed so standard health questions and then some physical assessment to see if it was evidently clear as to where the problem was. After this the treatment began, throughout the who treatment I was being talked through what was happening an what she was seeing, which I thought was great because sometime people can stay quiet and your wondering what on earth they are doing. After a sports massage she performed the Chinese art of Cupping on my injured area as well as acupuncture, again whilst doing all of this she was explaining what was happening and why she was doing it explaining the benefits ect.

The session lasted around 45-50 minutes and I was given some tips to try at home on what i should be doing to help my injury going forward. Its very clear to see they know exactly what they are doing and very friendly staff.

So next time you have a injury be sure to head over to PhysioLDN to get an experts opinion.


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