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Restaurant Creates “Coronation Poke Bowl” To Celebrate The King’s Coronation, Hawaiian Style

  • Royal insiders confirmed King Charles III has a boiled egg with every meal and aims for a plant-based dinner

  • Coronation Poke Bowl made with monarch’s favourite items including feta, cherry tomatoes, kale, cucumber, chickpeas and soft boiled egg

  • Poke House also offering free egg with every bowl so you can eat like a king and try out his interesting eating habit

As the country gears up for the first Royal Coronation in 70 years, Poke House is celebrating the momentous occasion by creating a “Coronation Poke Bowl” filled with the King’s favourite foods to allow everyone to eat like a king.

For many years, rumours have circulated about King Charles’s quirky dining habits including never eating lunch - which Clarence House confirmed in 2018 - having a plant-based dinner to lower his carbon footprint and having his favourite boiled egg with every meal.

The notion that the Royal enjoys a boiled egg with all his meals has long been debated, with hit Netflix TV show The Crown even referencing this during one of its recent storylines and according to Royal insiders, the boiled egg rumour is one that is actually true!

King Charles III will have a boiled egg with or on the side of every meal and mash it to create a mayonnaise-style texture.

Not only is Poke House offering a free boiled egg with every bowl to allow people to try out this interesting eating habit, they have also created a plant-based “Coronation Poke Bowl” made of some of the monarch’s favourite food items including feta, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kale, chickpeas and of course, a soft boiled egg.

“Coronation Poke Bowl” recipe: Base: Quinoa & kale Green: Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, courgette, chickpeas, spring onion, feta

Protein: Boiled egg

Dressing: Avocado cream

Crispy topping: Tamari seeds

Available from May 5th, in store and on deliveroo, guests can create the Coronation Poke Bowl at any UK Poke House or add a free boiled egg to any of their signature dishes including Sunny Salmon, Heat Wave, or Spicy Tuna and try the soon-to-be-crowned king’s quirky food fav!

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