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School Shoe Care from Cherry Blossom

A good pair of shoes gives kids the perfect foundation to grow, learn, explore and play, and as they spend a great deal of their childhood at school, their school shoes will become some of their most-worn pairs.

A child’s life is a whirlwind of adventure, imagination and learning, and with so much going on, pretty much every parent will agree that it’s virtually impossible to keep kids’ school shoes clean. From the walk to school and games in the playground to arts and crafts lessons and even dinner time, there are so many contributing factors to the wear and tear of school shoes.

You simply can’t avoid dirty shoes—but when the inevitable happens, it helps to be prepared with the right tools from Cherry Blossom, such as the brand’s core and sneaker ranges.

Shoe Cleaner - £4.50

Shoe Deodoriser - £4.50

Shoe Wipes – 40g £2.95, 80g £3.15

Shine & Go - £1.85

Ready Wax – £3.45

Shoe Polish – £1.45

Scuff Cover – £3.45

Suede & Nubuck Renovator – £6.50

Wax & Shine – £4.50

Sports Whitener – £3.45

Shoe Protector – £4.50

Sneaker Cleaner - £5.50

Sneaker Shield - £6.95

Sneaker Fresh - £5.50

Sneaker Wipes - £7.50

Sneaker Midsole Reviver Kit - £10.75


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