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HM Visits: Six Storeys

As part of our 'Top Things To Do In London' We visited the team at Six Storeys in Soho Square. Six Storeys is such a unique place, I am yet to come across a place that is similar. The building has 6 levels all boasting its own beautiful interior design.

The venue has a very upper class feel to it. Even though each floor is very different the status of the venue remains the same. 'Six Storeys on Soho is a former bank, turned bar and events space on Soho Square. With room for 300 guests across six unique floors, a townhouse takeover at Six Storeys is guaranteed to impress. Alternatively, for a more intimate affair, exclusively hire an individual floor of your choice.' Is how they describe themselves online.

We were seated on the second floor 'The Parlour' where we would enjoy our meal. Six Storeys is more a small plates kind of place, they do have a few main meals on the menu but its not their focus. From the small plates we were treated to the Truffle and cheese topped Fries, Home Made Fish Fingers with fries and Tomatoes with mozzarella and pesto. It would only be fair to say all three were amazing. Following this we tried the home made cheesecake which was unbelievably light easily one of the best cheesecakes I have ever eaten.

The amazing food was accompanied with some incredible cocktails. We had the choice to order from the menu or explain what we like and they will create one for us. We had 4 different cocktails and there was only one we weren't fond of so they created another one. Its about the little things thats what makes the difference in venues like this.

Without a doubt we would highly recommend visiting Six Storeys whether you have an event you are holding, out for a meal or just looking for a relaxing, sociable place to have a drink Six storeys has you covered.

You can check out there website here.


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