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Stylish Homewares for All

As the weather starts to cool it’s time to focus on making the home as comfortable, homely, and snug as you can. This little selection won’t break the bank and are ideal for gifts.

Crafters Banner Kit £22.50 from Decorate your own canvas banner with an inspirational message. Includes: fabric banner, a brush, tracing paper, carbon paper, templates, and ink

Thumbs Up Cinematic Lightbox A4 £20 from Amazon The perfect addition to any home, these light boxes enable you to create your very own movie-style messages. Included are 90 interchangeable letters and numbers with 10 colour emojis, ideal for making your own cinema-style lightbox.

BookSafe £12.99 from Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book-lookalike safe. Not only does it keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Dictionary cover, it is easily mistaken for just another book on your shelf! After all, the last thing a thief will have time to do while on the hunt for swag is rifle through the dictionary to look up the definition of outfoxed!

Lloyd The Llama Planter £18 from Bring an extra dose of cute to your plant collection! This mini leak-proof ceramic planter is the perfect addition to any desktop.

Deer Corkscrew £25 from Add a little stardust and personality to any occasion with this whimsical deer corkscrew.

Fetch Bottle Opener £15 from Pop open a beer or soda and turn your bottle cap into a frisbee! This pup loves to play fetch with bottle caps! The bottle cap sticks to the magnet in the mouth of the dog.

Plant Pot Speaker £19.99 from Connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and play your favourite tunes. If you're feeling like Mozart, touch a petal or leaf on your plant and watch the LEDs light up, and listen to the song- 7 built-in songs & 7 multi-coloured LEDs.

Chemistry Mug £16 from Amazon Perk yourself up with a cup of coffee. This laboratory-inspired mug is etched with markings in homage to the wonderful world of science and will give you the boost to lift your day.

Chickedy Egg Separator £9.99 from Split your eggs in no time at all with the Chickedy egg separator. Simply crack your egg into Chickedy and pour away while this cute little chick is separates the whites from the yolks.

Bamboo Laptop Stand £65 from Fully adjustable and easy to use, elevate your work and improve your posture with the Scandi-inspired laptop stand.