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Swimbarre: Redefining Swim and Active Fashion with Sustainability

Swimbarre is not just a swimwear brand; it's a testament to the elegance of mindful movement and the beauty of sustainable fashion. Founded with a vision to blend luxury swimwear with active living, Swimbarre embodies refined elegance and functional design. Inspired by the graceful movements of a woman at the pool, the brand celebrates the fusion of fashion and fitness. Through innovative use of eco-friendly materials and a commitment to ethical practices, Swimbarre is carving a niche in the industry, proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. This month we sat down with the founder to talk all things about the brand.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Swimbarre and how the idea of  combining swim and active styles came about? 

One sunny afternoon, our founder was captivated by the elegant movements of a  woman at the pool. "Wearing a sophisticated crop top complemented by high-waisted  bikini bottoms", she moved with confidence and strength, embodying the very essence  of Swimbarre's ethos. It was a moment of inspiration - a spark that ignited a vision to  create a brand that celebrates the fusion of luxury swimwear and active living. 

Drawing from a passion for fashion and fitness, Swimbarre embodies the essence of  refined elegance and mindful movement. 

Sustainability is at the core of Swimbarre's ethos. Could you elaborate on  the brand's commitment to using eco-friendly fabrics like ECONYL®  polyamide and recycled polyester? 

Swimbarre's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its use of eco-friendly fabrics,  specifically ECONYL® polyamide and recycled polyester. These materials play a  significant role in reducing environmental impact and promoting circular fashion. 

ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon made from waste products such as fishing nets, fabric  scraps, and industrial plastic. This innovative material is created through a process that  involves: 

1. Rescue: Waste materials are collected from landfills and oceans worldwide. 

2. Regenerate: The collected waste is cleaned, sorted, and then broken down to its raw  material state through a depolymerisation process. 

3. Remake: The regenerated nylon is then transformed into new yarn, which is identical in  quality to virgin nylon. 

4. Reimagine: The beauty of ECONYL® regenerated nylon is that it has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality. We believe circular  design is the future and using ECONYL® is our first step on that journey. 

Recycled Polyester is made from post-consumer plastic bottles and other discarded  polyester products. The process involves: 

1. Collection and Sorting: Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, and sorted. 

2. Shredding and Melting: The sorted plastics are shredded into flakes and then melted  down to create polyester fibres.

3. Spinning into Yarn: These fibres are spun into yarn and used to produce fabric.

Swimbarre's Commitment 

By incorporating ECONYL® polyamide and recycled polyester into their products,  Swimbarre demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. These materials not only  reduce environmental impact but also offer high performance and durability, essential for  swimwear and activewear. Swimbarre ensures that their eco-friendly approach extends  beyond materials to include ethical manufacturing practices and minimal waste  packaging, reinforcing their dedication to a greener planet. 

Swimbarre's ethos aligns with the broader movement in the fashion industry towards  more sustainable and responsible production practices, proving that style and  sustainability can go hand in hand. 

Swimbarre emphasises a slower approach to fashion. How does the brand  ensure high quality while producing no more than necessary? 

Swimbarre’s emphasis on a slower approach to fashion, often termed "slow fashion,"  ensures high quality and sustainability by implementing several key practices. We  produce limited quantities of each design, which helps minimise overproduction,  reducing waste and unsold inventory ending up in landfill. We also offer a Made To Order  service, at a higher cost so styles are made up for that customer order, ensuring excellent  quality.  

- We produce limited quantities of each design, which allows for attention to detail in each  item, ensuring higher quality. A slower approach minimises overproduction, reducing  waste and preventing unsold inventory from ending up in landfills. 

- Using high-quality, sustainable materials like ECONYL® polyamide and recycled  polyester ensures that Swimbarre's products are durable and long-lasting. These  materials are not only environmentally friendly but also known for their strength and  resilience, which is essential for activewear and swimwear that needs to withstand  frequent use and exposure to elements like chlorine and saltwater. 

- Swimbarre is committed to ethical manufacturing practices, which include ensuring fair  wages and safe working conditions for workers and we are now producing some Made To  Order styles locally. 

- Timeless and versatile designs are another hallmark of Swimbarre’s approach. By  creating pieces that are not trend-dependent, they encourage customers to invest in  garments that they can wear for multiple seasons, thus promoting a longer lifecycle for  each product. 

The Carvico Eco Friendly Italian Fabric used in Swimbarre's collection is  particularly noteworthy. What sets this fabric apart, and why was it chosen for  the brand's products?

The Carvico Eco-Friendly Italian Fabric is a standout choice for Swimbarre’s collection due  to its exceptional qualities and sustainability features. Here’s a detailed look at what sets  this fabric apart and why it was selected for Swimbarre’s products: 

Key Features of Carvico Eco-Friendly Italian Fabric 

1. Sustainability: Recycled Materials Carvico fabrics are often made from ECONYL®  regenerated nylon, derived from discarded fishing nets, fabric scraps, and other nylon  waste. This process not only reduces landfill waste but also minimises the environmental  impact by repurposing existing materials. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint: The production process of ECONYL® involves significantly  lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional nylon manufacturing,  contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. 

2. Performance and Durability: 

 - Chlorine Resistance: Carvico fabrics are known for their high resistance to chlorine,  making them ideal for swimwear. This ensures that Swimbarre’s products maintain their  shape, color, and integrity even after prolonged exposure to chlorinated water. 

 - UV Protection: The fabric provides excellent UV protection, which is crucial for  swimwear used in outdoor environments. This feature helps protect the skin from harmful  sun rays and prolongs the fabric’s lifespan by preventing UV-induced degradation. 

 - Pilling Resistance: Carvico fabrics are highly resistant to pilling, ensuring a smooth and  sleek appearance even after extensive wear and wash cycles. 

3. Comfort and Fit: 

 - Softness and Stretch: The fabric is noted for its exceptional softness and comfortable  fit, thanks to its high elasticity. This allows for greater freedom of movement, making it  perfect for activewear and swimwear where flexibility and comfort are key. 

 - Shape Retention: The elasticity of the fabric also ensures that it retains its shape over  time, providing a consistently flattering fit for the wearer. 

Swimbarre aims to steer away from the throwaway culture of fast fashion.  How does the brand encourage customers to make more creative and  considered choices in their fashion purchases? 

Swimbarre actively promotes thoughtful and sustainable fashion choices through various  strategies aimed at educating and inspiring their customers. Here’s how the brand  encourages customers to make more creative and considered choices in their purchasing  decisions by: 

1. Emphasis on Quality and Longevity

Durable Products: By focusing on high-quality, durable materials like Carvico Eco-Friendly  Italian Fabric and ECONYL® regenerated nylon, Swimbarre ensures that their products  last longer. This reduces the frequency of repurchases, encouraging customers to invest  in fewer, better-quality items. 

2. Timeless and Versatile Designs