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Take control

Well, it’s true…

It’s been a while,

And to be fair I’m one of the worst for procrastinating. And by that, I mean this article should have come back in March…

I know MARCH! ** insert EYE ROLL **

Too long. Nearly two months too long… So, accept my sincerest apologies. Tis true… But remember sometimes this is exactly what we’re going to cover in this short month. Sometimes we have to draw a line. Where do we in fact put our big pants on and simply just crack on… Do the job or task in hand. Or even take back control of our own happiness, and routine.

See in life things will get hard and sometimes life can all be too much and just get in the way. It’s going to happen and more often than not it will happen.

This is life... But, In a world which now we seems to see a form of what appears to be this entitlement for each and everyone. Is this the exact case? Or perhaps not? See let’s take your happiness for example. If you suffer with issues around Social media… Do I post this, do I not post that, alongside with what you may see, and what you know may trigger you? Ask yourself… Are you aiding the issue by helping yourself? Or are you simple placing more wood on the fire and

creating a more hostile situation for you. So, by this I mean. We all know the term ‘Karen’s… or even Sharan’s’ if you’re from Australia aha… But so many don’t like to post or find themselves enthralled in so many issues surrounding social media land that they’ve forgot they can take control. So, by this I mean…

No.1 remember your social media space is your social media space, like your own little home you should be able to post what you like how you like and when you like…

HOWEVER, Remember there will always be someone who may like what you post, that’s just life. The key to this is, either accept it. Or if a continued problem remember, we have three buttons at our use or ease. Unfollow, delete, or even block. Out of sight is most certainly out of mind. Helped me in more cases and scenarios than many. No.2 Social media platforms algorithm is set so NO MATTER WHEN YOU POST, you’ll be lucky if you hit a set 5% of your following; so STOP WORRYING why no one likes it or your reach. Why? Because it’s a bloody algorithm to keep you busy. See, do a little less worrying if 10 likes rolled in; imagine 10 people in a room clapping for you, that’s a lot and I’d love a clap from those people aha….

Don’t believe me in the 5% rule go and follow some of your favourite celebs and check the quick maths on that 5% It’s 100% totally true. And that’s not even considering the 1.5% are bots… So, remember… Before you think to yourself, I’m getting myself worked up because of this online or that online.


Have I taken all the correct precautions to aid my health and wealth?

Have I taken control and got rid or helped reduce my emotional response?

And the reason for that is… There comes a point where there is no one more capable of encouraging and helping aid your own welfare and mental health than yourself… and no one else.

Which leads me back to this article and work. Sometimes we have to differentiate responsibility and our emotional response. With jobs that need to be done. Sometimes it is you / me and only me that is going to get the job done. Am I aiding my own case, by doing the job in hand even small steps at a time? Or making my case work by not doing anything at all. They should both work hand in hand, side by side.

So, before we go down the route of it’s their fault or someone else’s fault which in some cases minimally it can. But, Have you taken all the right emotional and actual precautionary measures to help aid your wellbeing and emotional state.



Work life.

Family Life.

Social Life.

Financial Life.

Just a thought…

Here’s to definitely next month and not two months later.


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