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The Anytime Pitch launches their 1-1 workshop with Anthony Rose the creator of the iPlayer and found

Launching on URfeed in partnership with Seedlegals: No meetings, No Scheduling, Just record a short video explaining your startup, post into URfeed and receive feedback by video from investors, VCs & the community.

The launch of the Anytime Pitch community is part of the Firestarters festival. The Firestarters festival is supporting the charities Rethink Mental Illness & UK Youth by bringing together 500+ leaders of industry and culture to share their experience and discuss hot topics. For an overview of the talks taking place see URfeed is not live. It’s Asynchronous video. This means Startups can post their pitch and the community can post their feedback when it's convenient for them. The Anytime Pitch community is for the lovers of new tech. Find the best new products, every day. A place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and talk about the latest mobile apps, websites, engineering projects, and tech creations. A place for investors. Think of it like Tinder for investment scouting. For entrepreneurs. Meet other like minded creators and builders. Find new team members. Be part of the community. Submit your pitch video before midnight on the 31st March to WIN a 1-1 founders workshop with Anthony Rose the creator of the iPlayer and founder of Seedlegals which helps 40% of UK start ups close their funding. Download the URfeed app now and upload your pitch to The Anytime Pitch community for your chance to win.

Link to competition feed: URfeed is a video conversation platform that provides a place for groups of people to connect for ‘face to face’ conversation and its unique video messaging system lets people take part in multiple group conversations, without the need to have everyone online at the same time. People can drop in, watch what others are saying and ask questions or say their piece when it's convenient for them. Described as “A two way Ted Talk” by Robert Elms, BBC A little more on Firestarters: Firestarters is an exciting and innovative virtual festival designed to ignite a million conversations and raise money for leading mental health charity Rethink Mental Illness and the youth support charity UK Youth. Firestarters will bring together expert insight from over 500 industry leading professionals, this free virtual gathering will help people learn more about - and develop - their passions, goals and interests at a time when we are all disconnected and lacking in human interactions. It all takes place on video conversation platform URfeed and kicks off over four weeks in March by addressing Wellbeing & Fitness, Music & Entertainment, Lifestyle & Culture, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


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