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TYPICALLY, it’s the landmark birthdays such as 18ths and 21sts which are emphasised most in UK culture, but a new study has revealed which age Brits should really look forward to the most.

A survey of 2,027 UK adults, carried out by One4all Gift Cards, reveals that the age at which we are most happy with our lives is 36.

One4all Gift Cards has launched a new interactive timeline which reveals the ages most worth looking forward to and what makes them special. Brits can reflect on happy memories from their past while looking forward to some of the happy years and birthdays they have to come.

According to the data, the average Brit has already ticked off key adulthood milestones by this point – and in fact, it shows that your late twenties and early thirties are a time to look forward to, due to the number of special occasions and achievements that are taking place in the average adult’s life.

On average, at age 29, Brits tend to get engaged, buy their first car and are feeling at the peak of their physical health. At 30, they are likely to be having their first baby, while at 31 they are getting married.

At 32, the average UK adult buys their first house, while people tend to feel happiest with their romantic relationship and/or love life by the age of 33.

35 is the age of feeling happiest in one’s career, while also being the age at which Brits report having the very highest self-confidence and feel happiest with their social circles and friendships.

Aged 36, they are not only happiest with their life overall – but also most satisfied with their family life, too.

The data also shows that there is plenty to celebrate in the following decade, too – with your 40s seemingly representing the decade of security. British adults report feeling the happiest in terms of their home and assets and their financial situations at 41 and 42 respectively.

The research further revealed what Brits look forward to most about their birthday celebrations, with spending time with family and friends (45%), receiving presents (41%) and receiving birthday messages (34%) appearing top of the list.

Aoife Davey, senior marketing director at One4all Gift Cards said: “Traditionally it’s ages like 16, 18, 21 and the big decade milestone ages – like 40, 60, 80, etc – which get celebrated the most. But this data shows just how much the average British adult has to celebrate in other years, which we may be missing out on by not ‘going big’ on these birthdays.

“The turning of any new age is a reason to celebrate – and we should always strive to do so – and do so for others - especially in years in which we see remarkable personal achievements or big, positive changes in our lives.

“It’s been a challenging year, and with so many people being unable to celebrate their birthday in person with loved ones, it’s important to help friends and family mark the occasion and remember what there is to look forward to.”

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