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HM Visits: The Grove Hotel - The Spa

The Orangey Experience

During the Grove review visit I had the opportunity to experience a spa treatment, of which was called ‘The Orangey Experience’.

After being shown around the spa to grasp my bearings, I was left to relax in the relaxation room where it was incredibly peaceful with the gentle sound of trickling water from the fish tank which displayed a vast variety of tropical fish.

From here I was called by my therapist who introduced herself and saw me through to the treatment room. From my first step into the room I was greeted with the citrus aromas setting the mood for the treatment. After a discussion about the treatment that was going to take place helping to tailor the treatment to me personally, it began.

The treatment consisted of an intense body exfoliation, followed by the application of an orange balm. Antioxidant mousse was then applied to the body and wrapped. During the wrapped time the therapist performed a facial composing: exfoliation, anti-ageing contouring massage and a bitter orange soufflé mask. The combination of these therapies worked perfectly allowing you to relax in the wrap for 20 minutes whilst the facial took place.

After these were complete, I washed the mousse off and immediately felt the change in my skin. It was unbelievably soft and smooth. It had completely changed its feel, I was impressed. After being given time to relax and get changed I was seen to where I wanted to go by the therapist.

This treatment was certainly a vitamin C boost as it said, rejuvenating and transforming my skin. From the initial spa reception all the way through to the end of the treatment the staff were extremely informative, experienced and above all professional.


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