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The Mom Kind is Busting the Myths of Autism

The internet world has allowed for all sorts of information to be shared globally with no limits or restrictions. Users have been using different formats to share what they know, what they learn, and what they like. One of those platforms is blogs, read by 77% of online users. They have become highly reliable, to the point that they are considered the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering information online. That is why it is not surprising that Alicia Trautwein turned to this platform when she decided to share her experience as an autistic mom of autistic children and bring awareness to neurodiversity. The Mom Kind is busting the myths of Autism one blog post at a time.

Every diagnosis, particularly mental health diagnoses, brings myths and rumors with them. With her own diagnosis and her children's diagnosis, Trautwein quickly learned several myths surrounding Autism. That is one reason she decided to use her platform to inform her readers on what myths are going around regarding this diagnosis. It is essential to stay informed and educate ourselves on these matters.

'As an autistic adult with three children on the spectrum' explains Trautwein, “I have heard my fair share of questions about Autism. While many of the questions are well-meaning, there are a few that still irks me. It is not the person asking that bothers me, though. It's the fact that many of these beliefs are still out there. Some of the Autism myths andmisconceptions come from fear. Others are due to a lack of knowledge and how pop culture portrays Autism in film." She shared with us four of the most common myths she has heard.

1. Autism is caused by vaccines: Many individuals still believe Autism is caused by vaccines. 'Unfortunately'as this mom says, 'fear is a powerful thing. Though experts have been debunking this information for over twenty years, it is still a common misconception.'

2. Children with Autism lack empathy and emotions: As an autistic woman herself, Trautwein says,'there is an ongoing stereotype that people with Autism lack empathy and cannot understand emotion. Indeed, many autistic individuals do not show emotion in ways that people without the condition would recognize. That does not mean we do not have emotions or do not have empathy.'

3. 'Autism means he's super smart, right?' or 'Oh, that's like down syndrome?'

'Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disorder, not an intellectual disability', explains The Mom Kind. 'Some are diagnosed with a separate disorder that causes an impact on their IQ. Some are extremely smart, just like any other person with a high IQ without a diagnosis'.

4. Autism is new and over-diagnosed: There is this belief that because we talk more about a diagnosis, it means it is new or over-diagnosed. However, most of these diagnoses have been happening for years and kept a secret for one reason or the other. From her personal experience, Trautwein shares, 'Due to improved awareness, Autism is being diagnosed at earlier ages. Now, at your child's 18-month check-up, the pediatrician will do an initial screening for signs of Autism. With an early diagnosis, children with Autism have seen a significant improvement in symptoms.'

Just like any other mom, Alicia Trautwein wants to get the facts straight about what could affect her children. Because blogging has become very common and very trustworthy, she realized one of the best ways to bust the myths of Autism would be to use her blog, The Mom Kind, to spread awareness and share truthful and helpful information.


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