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The UK's first vitual coffee sommelier

LAUNCHED BY PIQANT, THE NEW SPECIALITY COFFEE MARKETPLACE Piqant, the new online destination for ethically-sourced coffee has unveiled an innovative new AI tool to help people pick their perfect brew.

The unique app delivers a selection of carefully curated coffees personally matched to each customer’s individual tastes – without any need to puzzle over origin or altitudes – allowing coffee lovers to discover exciting new global favourites from a huge range of independent local roasteries in one place.

Coffee enjoys a complexity similar to wine but while drinkers may confidently shop for a preferred tipple, navigating coffee from Bolivia to Brazil can be a headache. Harvesting, growing and processing method, terroir, roast level and varietal influence coffee flavour, and many coffee fans don’t know how to interpret these myriad factors.

Those who like light, bright citrussy coffees should try the Colombian Buenevista from Blossom with high acidity and tropical notes shining through the washed process; drinkers after a bittersweet cup could match with The Missing Bean’s Chilchos Valley, with dark Peruvian cocoa notes and sit-up-and-

listen Bourbon.

Once Piqant’s tool has computed a customer’s appropriate tasting profile, they can choose to purchase their ideal coffee match, or try it with a selection of three similar bags for a discovery experience a world away from the supermarket. Alternatively, customers can subscribe to their tasting profile and receive perfectly matched freshly roasted coffees regularly to their door.

Whichever coffee Piqant selects, customers can trust that beans have been ethically-sourced and each bag approved by Piqant’s network of experts. As a family business, coffee is in their blood - thanks to Dominican and Italian heritage – and Piqant prides itself on coffee curation.

Founder Rosanna Nibbs says: “We are a family of coffee addicts and love exploring the best coffee beans around the world. Piqant realises our dream of an online coffee shop, linking up the best independent growers and roasters with people who want to drink better coffee. And now our AI app takes all the information you need to find your favourite flavour too; all you need to do is stick the kettle on.”