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The Shirt Collection

The sunshine may have gone away from the UK but millions are still flooding away on their summer breaks and we have hand picked the top 5 shirts you should be taking with you!

Cupro-blend shirt - H&M

We are going to kick things off with this classic black and white shirt from H & M. The classic look can be worn during the day whilst exploring the city or used to help cover up whilst on the beach. Most people would be able to pull this look off and whats even more great about it, is that its not a shirt only the younger generation or older generation can wear anyone any age could work this pool side.

For only £39.99 you cant really afford to miss out on this great shirt.

You can check it out here:


The next hand picked shirt is this Wader Hawaiian shirt, the the 2018 Hawaiian collection, this shirt will make you talk of the town. The long line over sized shirt boasts not only style but comfort to and if your setting off to a warm country you want to be comfortable in the heat and this shirt will provide you with that. It could be worn with a tee or without depending on how your feeling.

If you'd like to be this stylish it'll cost you £85.00

You can check out the piece here:


This clean cut hooded shirts are for the more casual types out there. With elbow rolled up sleeves 1/3 zip up and a hood this isn't a shirt that you'll be wearing to the hottest party or the romantic dinner but it is one you will stylishly pull off whilst touring the city centers or chilling on the beach. Holidays are made to relax and so is this shirt, it's definitely one you should be packing.

You could pick this up for just £29.99

Check it out here:

S/S Resort Shirt Miami Storm - SikSilk

If your going to a party whilst away, whether its Jay-z or Pete from down the street this is a shirt that will have your names on everyone's lips. This isn't from the quiet type, this shirt will give you personality, the stylish pieces could also be a conversational starter. The 'Miami' theme makes it the perfect summer event shirt. Very chilled, very relaxed very stylish!

You can get this piece for just £50.00 today!

You'll be able to get your hands on this shirt here:

White short sleeve colour block shirt - River Island

The final shirt we have picked for you is what I call the 'Charlie Sheen' Shirt. From his Two and a half men day's Sheen would regularly wear shirts of the fashion but it wasn't just him who liked the classic 1990's/2000's look, other famous stars love them too! This shirt does have a olden feel to it but this years it's made a bold come back in fashion with youngsters wearing it too.

You could become charlie sheen for just £25.00

Head over to the link now to get your hands on this piece :


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