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Thomson & Scott

Summer is fast approaching and what comes with summer? Garden parties. Now when attending you'll either find yourself on one of two situations, you know most people there and if you make a fool of yourself everyone will be speaking about it for the rest of the summer, or you only know the hosts and no one else so if you make a fool of yourself it doesn't matter because you don't know any of those people, and you probably wont see them again. Whatever you do at your array of garden parties you've got lined up theres one thing you must not forget... that is to bring a bottle of Thomson & Scott. Whether it be their organic prosecco or their non-alcoholic Chardonnay this is something you wont want to forget or you will look the fool.

Thomson & Scott boasts two incredible tasting beverages and we've conducted our review on both which you can see below.

Organic Prosecco

Taste: We found the prosecco had a very subtle taste, nothing over powering. Very light with notes of apple. Obviously as it is a prosecco it is dry - Almost premium cider like. 4.5/5

Bottle & Label: We found the bottle was very traditional for a prosecco bottle. The label is very clear and concise, give a premium feel to the brand with the gold and white colour scheme. Would be very easy to spot on a shelf.

Value for money: We believe this is definitely value for money at £18 a bottle, everything about this bottle and brand screams premium and we thought anywhere around the £20.00-£25.00 would have been reasonable so for it to come in even cheaper we were very impressed.

Organic Sparkling Chardonnay - Non-alcoholic

Taste: Light and crisp came to mind when tasting the Chardonnay. Again like the Prosecco note of apple with a little sweetness to it. Like biting into a fresh crisp apple. 4/5

Bottle & Label: We felt this label had more of a 'Fun' feel to it whilst holding the high end feel that brand boasts throughout its designs and flavours. Again very clear and concise not too busy, very well designed.

Value for Money: We believed this bottle would be priced around the £15.00 mark and were very impressed to find it retails for just £8.99. No doubts in our mind this bottle is value for money.

So whether your be hosting the parties this summer or going to a friend make sure you stock up on Thomson & Scott and be the life of the party.

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