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Tips and myths about naturally whitening your teeth for the festive season

We all yearn for that bright, white, gleaming smile but it’s inevitable that overtime and as we age teeth get stained along the way.Teeth whitening can be an expensive route, with the festive season just around the corner and plenty of festive treats to indulge in, we need to pay extra attention to our teeth and gums to keep them healthy, happy and white.

Dr. Rhona Eskander a founder of PÄRLA who recently launched PÄRLA PRO, their new natural high gloss, teeth whitening,immunity-boosting, sustainably packaged toothpaste tabsshares her top tips and myths on how to naturally whiten teeth:

Watch what you eat:

Avoid drinks such as tea, black coffee, red wine or fizzy drinks, not only do these cause discolouration but some can also cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Go electric:

Swap out your manual toothbrush for an electric one, electric toothbrushes can remove up to 70% more plaque than manual brushes alone, I’m a fan of Philips Sonicare.

A healthy oral routine is key:

Ensure you’re brushing twice a day before bed and in the morning and flossing several times a week helps. Flossing helps remove some of the staining between the teeth instantly making them look whiter. I also recommend Waterpik Water air flosser to help lift stains.

Stop Smoking:

Smoking heavily stains your teeth, to prevent yellow stained teeth the only solution is to quit. In addition to discolouration, smoking can cause gum disease amongst other health problems.


PÄRLA PRO are the high gloss teeth whitening, sensitivity-reducing and immunity-boosting toothpaste tabs that are totally vegan and zero waste, as well as cruelty-free, palm oil-free and SLS-free. The toothpaste tabs don’t just level-up in terms of cleaning power, but also present a revolutionary approach to whitening, fighting sensitivity, enamel remineralisation and even boosting immunity.


Coconut oil pulling:

The oil can act as a lubricant and help dislodge stains but it cannot physically whiten the teeth as the oil does not penetrate the surface

Charcoal products:

You must look at the RDA value which indicates the level of abrasiveness. The more abrasive a product is the more potential there is to strip away your enamel and expose the under lying dentine which is yellow in colour. Dentine is more sensitive and softer than enamel so if exposed can cause health problems. Mild RDA products can lift stains but will not whiten the teeth.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is a cheap and easy option to naturally whiten your teeth at home. Some baking soda brands are more abrasive than others and could damage your teeth. To avoid any damage to your teeth, it’s recommended you use a toothpaste that contains this ingredient.

The light:

Philips Zoom provide a chair side light whitening which has a scientific basis to activate the whitening gel, however the at home lights will have minimal to no effect on whitening the teeth.


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