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TITOV - Not just a lingerie brand

There used to be a time when looking stylish meant feeling uncomfortable, thankfully, this is rapidly changing and one of the brands leading the way is TITOV.

Founder Masha TITOV, launched her brand with a mission to create the most comfortable bra, in an inclusive size range. It is now something that people have to check off when they are shopping. Before it was just about looking stylish and for some people that would come at any cost... even pain, but now times are changing and brands are changing because being comfy, is key.

From working with Kayne West and BCBGMaxazria, in 2019 Masha Titov - The founder of TITOV, decided to take the jump and launch her own brand. Titov, 'Boston born, raised in Moscow and consulted in Los Angeles' decided she would move back to Boston to launch her brand.

Using inspiration from her travels around the world, she found herself in a lucky position, where she is able to design unique garments with 'One-of-a-Kind' designs. With strong motivation to make women feel comfortable and to make them feel they are wearing clothes that were made for them specifically, she found her USP on which she would be able to drive her brand forward with. The first 12 months of a brand launching shows how much hard work has gone into the brand before. When a brand launches, the work didn't start on the day they open it started 18-24 months before, where they design the garments, they live their brand night and day. It's easy to see from an official brand launch just how much work has gone into a brand before they go on sale and looking at TITOV its clear to see Masha and the team behind the brand have worked incredibly hard. You can see this in the collections on offer, not just only the lingerie, but Candles and eye mask and even adding protective face masks to their collection in light on the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can check our the full collection from TITOV over at


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