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Transparent, sustainable Swedish audio brand, to launch all-new Light Speaker

Transparent’s Light Speaker is a speaker and a light wrapped into one striking, yet timeless design. The Swedish brand’s first-ever portable speaker, it has been painstakingly designed to evoke the look and feel of a real life flame from the light temperature right through to the brightness and characteristics of movement.

In addition, an element sits in the base of the speaker which allows the flame to move and dance in time to the music playing. An additional knob also means you can alter the light from the subtle burn of coals, a flickering candlelight to even a bright white reading light.

The Light Speaker adopts the look of a traditional outdoor lantern. Crafted from borosilicate glass and aluminium – both of which are highly recyclable materials – the speaker boasts an IPX2 weather rating meaning its suited for both outdoor and indoor use.

As is synonymous with all Transparent products, the Light Speaker features a modular design. This means that as technology moves on and evolves, parts and components can be swapped out. So, in effect, your Transparent Speaker can transcend the test of time and last forever. This is particularly important considering electronic waste amounts to around 70 billion tonnes every year.

The Light Speaker launches on 1st November and is priced at £270 and will be available from

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