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Travel Company Hiding Free Holidays Worth Up To £2000 In Capital To Celebrate Its Uk Launch

...And Removal Of Travel Restrictions.

WeRoad will reveal the secret location at 4am, Friday 11 February with first ten Londoners to find them winning the once-in-a-lifetime trips

  • UK open to travel with restrictions lifted on Friday, 11 February at 4am

  • WeRoad announces its UK arrival by hiding ‘Golden Tickets’ to celebrate the removal of travel restrictions

  • First ten people to find them will win a free £2,000 holiday (with £1,000 vouchers going to runners up)

  • Trusted “Travel Coordinators” will be guarding the tickets with the secret location announced on WeRoad’s Instagram at 4am on Friday 11 Feb

  • Lucky winners could find themselves island hopping in Mexico hunting the northern lights in Iceland or on safari in Tanzania this year

Adventure travel company WeRoad has arrived in the UK and to celebrate the government’s removal of travel restrictions is hiding free holidays, worth up to £2,000 each, across the capital.

As UK travel restrictions are lifted on Friday, February 11 at 4am, WeRoad is giving ten adventurous members of the public the chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’, the equivalent of a group adventure holiday of their choice.

A trusty WeRoad Travel Coordinator will be guarding the tickets and will only reveal the secret central London location when the clock strike’s 04:00 on 11 February. The location of the once-in-a-lifetime free trips will be posted on their Instagram account and the first ten people to find them will win them.

And that’s not all: the next 10 people who just miss the cut will win a £1,000 voucher to one of WeRoad’s group holidays in the form of a ‘Silver Ticket’. In total, the company will be dishing out £30,000 worth of holidays.

It comes as WeRoad announces its official launch in the UK, after first kicking-off in Italy in 2017. The brand is headed up by Milan-based Paolo De Nadai, Fabio Bin and Erika De Santi, with the WeRoad concept starting out offering group trips for solo travellers. Since then, the innovative travel company has brought together more than 30,000 solo travellers from Europe. Travel Coordinators are a key part of the overall experience, and their 600 strong team are passionate travellers, all equipped with the necessary knowledge to give you a truly holistic and unique experience in your chosen destination.

Erika De Santi, Co-Founder & International Expansion Director, said: “Innovation is an integral part of our DNA at WeRoad, and we strive to disrupt and rewrite the existing status quo within the travel industry. Our unique direct to consumer brand experience aims to provide prospective WeRoaders with a life-changing travel experience, designed and delivered by our fantastic Travel Coordinators.

She continued: “As a brand we want to help bring together like-minded people with similar interests, joining a vibrant community of passionate travellers who want to share an unforgettable adventure together.

“We’re very excited to officially launch in the UK and with travel restrictions being lifted on February 11th, we’re giving people a helping hand to get out there again and go on a once in a lifetime adventure. To celebrate our launch, we’ll be giving lucky Brits the chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’, which is the equivalent of a group adventure holiday of their choice.”

The trips on offer are numerous, whether it’s heading on a safari in Tanzania, hunting for the Northern Lights in Finland or island hopping in Mexico and the Gili Islands, WeRoad has organised group adventures to 180 long and short-haul destinations across nearly all the continents.

Its holidays are made up of 90% solo travellers, mostly aged between 18 and 35, looking to travel the world (without all the time-consuming planning), forming lifelong friendships along the way. Small groups of 8 - 15 people are fully immersed in new cultures, eating local cuisine and staying in guest houses, a truly authentic experience. Groups are matched based on their age and what kind of trip they’re up for - a relaxing escape or pulse-raising adventure. Couples and groups are also welcome.

In addition, it’s not just the amazing locations that people can visit that make a WeRoad trip such an unforgettable experience, it’s the people who really make the holidays so special. More than highly specialised tour guides, Travel Coordinators are there for the same motivations their fellow travellers are – to form new friendships with like-minded solo travellers while exploring the world.

Best of all? You barely have to lift a finger: all trips are specially designed to meet all WeRoaders needs. All anyone needs to do is arrange their flights, which aren’t included in the price of the holiday, because WeRoad doesn't want to force travellers to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with inefficient layovers and impossible connections.


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