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Good Vibes, Day and Night

I caught up with 'Trippie Supply' owner Miles Petersen to speak about his new brand and one thing that stood out for me about this brand was that they didn't want to be like every other t-shirt brand out their. Miles told me ' This isn’t just another t-shirt company... this is a lifestyle. #goodvibetribe'

The brand launch in April of this year and since launching sales have been going well, with the US based brands reaching sales in California USA. For a small brand this is always going to be a huge deal. As a brand owner you want your sales to be going world-wide and this all comes down to the marketing which its clear to see Miles has mastered.

A brand owner needs to be driven, they need to be grounded but they need to be driven and after speaking to Mr Petersen its clear to see his is that. I asked him why did he create his brand 'Trippie Supply', he told me,'I created this brand in hopes to create something big for the world'. So this tells me that he hasn't just created this to make some extra cash, he really wants his brand to do well, he want to expand his brand and he is determined to do it.

Another thing I learnt from speaking to miles is that he is a very down to earth guy who is trying his best to be his best. Very normal and genuine person. When I spoke to him about how he came up this the name and the logo he told me, 'I Made the logo on my laptop after a lot of brainstorming - then it clicked... an idea that I was determined to share with everyone'. Then I asked him are there any particular designs you continuously focus on?, 'My main logo has gotten a lot of attention. Try to mix up the font on some of the newer apparel'. Miles informed me.

After discussing his the bases of his brand I wanted to find out if there was any upcoming collections he was designing. Miles wouldn't give much away but he did tell me, 'I’m working on a collection with brand new designs and colors! Going live on August 23rd! Don’t miss out! (Instagram @trippiesupply)'.

I asked Miles if he wanted to add anything else about his brand, 'Trippie Supply is brand that sets off good vibes day and night. Every piece of clothing is designed by myself. So far the brand has reached customers from Michigan to Indiana to California! Every product of Trippie Supply incorporates our unique vision, style, and attitude. This isn’t just another t-shirt company... this is a lifestyle. #goodvibetribe'.

I have to say I have met a lot of brand owners and all which are very nice people but Miles is one of the nicest and his range with worth looking at.

you can buy Trippie Supply here.


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