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UK cities with the most community spirit and trustworthy neighbours revealed

The UK’s top locations for community spirit and trustworthy neighbours have been revealed.

A nationwide survey has found that Plymouth has the highest levels of community spirit, while fellow south coast city Southampton has the most trustworthy residents, according to both city’s residents.

Commissioned by McCarthy Stone, the research found that while over a third (37%) of the UK said that they had a strong community spirit where they lived, the regional figures showed where residents had the most faith in their community.

More than half of those (53%) in Plymouth said that where they lived had a strong community spirit, making it the British city with the highest percentage of residents happy with the neighbourly bonds. Second place is picked up by Belfast with 51 per cent, followed closely by Edinburgh in third place (47%).

Fourth on the list is Sheffield, with 42 per cent of its residents saying they live next to nice neighbours and Nottingham taking fifth with 41 per cent.

Table of top 10 UK cities with strong community spirit

Most trusting communities

The study also reveals which cities across the nation maintain that age-old act of trust, providing their neighbour with a key.

Nationwide, the levels of trust in communities is relatively high, with 46 per cent saying they trust those in the area with a key to their home. However, this trustworthy nature is even higher in many UK cities, with nearly six in 10 (58%) of Southampton’s residents happy for their neighbour to have access to their house.

Plymouth follows in second with the coastal town adding to its image of a strong community, with 56 per cent of residents trusting neighbours with a key, followed by Glasgow in third (53%). Belfast takes fourth place (51%) and Newcastle completes the top five on 49 per cent, with the percentage also this amount for Edinburgh and Nottingham locals.

Table of top 10 UK cities who trust their neighbours with a key

Miruna Constantinescu, National Marketing Director, McCarthy Stone, said: “I think this survey shows just how important good neighbours are to us across the country. We have been really proud of the way neighbours in our developments have pulled together to help each other get through the pandemic, showing incredible warmth and community spirit – it has made all the difference.

“The results show that community spirit remains incredibly high, especially after the difficult year endured by all. Neighbours are literally some of the closest and longest relationships we can have in our lives, so it’s important to build and maintain a healthy rapport because these acts of trust and togetherness make where we live so worthwhile.”

The full results and findings of the study can be found here

Visit here for McCarthy Stone’s tips for starting and maintaining a good relationship with your neighbour

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