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Ukraine's Fashion Industry: Emerging As A Global Force At Milan Fashion Week

Angel For Fashion Propels Wholesale Platform With Anya Vasylenko As Vice President Of Sales.

Angel for Fashion, a leading supporter of Ukraine's fashion industry, is set to showcase the latest creations of seven Ukrainian designers in Milan for the second consecutive season. The showroom, featuring women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and homeware, will take place from June 17th to 21st, 2024, at Corso Venezia 59 and promises to be an excellent cultural celebration.

Ukraine's Fashion Industry

Building on the success of New York City and Paris showcases, Angel for Fashion is set to make its mark in Milan with its upcoming event. The website will host a showroom for the second successive presence in Milan, unveiling the Spring/Summer '25 pre-collection. This event marks a significant milestone, with three new brands debuting alongside established designers, adding a fresh perspective to the fashion landscape.

Angel for Fashion, the leading e-commerce platform, is championing emerging designers, with Anya Vasylenko as Vice President of Sales. With over two decades of expertise in luxury wholesale spending much of her career as the Director of Wholesale at Issey Miyake, Vasylenko brings a wealth of experience, positioning Angel for Fashion for even greater success in the global fashion market.

As Vice President of Sales, Anya Vasylenko has spearheaded the expansion and enhancement of Angel for Fashion's wholesale platform, leveraging her extensive network and in-depth understanding of global and regional markets. Her efforts have been instrumental in driving business growth and fostering brand partnerships.

With a proven track record in business and product development, trend analysis, and strategic planning, Anya Vasylenko is the ideal leader to propel Angel for Fashion's wholesale program to new heights. Under her leadership, Angel for Fashion successfully launched a B2B partnership with NuORDER, featuring 20 Ukrainian brands. This strategic move has significantly expanded Angel for Fashion's global distribution, now reaching five territories, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, spanning 17 countries worldwide.

Anya Vasylenko's appointment marks a significant milestone for Angel for Fashion as the company continues to strengthen its position in the international fashion industry. Her vision and leadership are set to drive further growth and innovation in the wholesale sector. Against the backdrop of ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Angel for Fashion remains steadfast in supporting Ukrainian designers, providing them a platform to showcase their creativity and resilience on a global stage.

"I am thrilled to be part of such a dynamic team at Angel for Fashion and lead the charge in advancing our wholesale platform," said Anya Vasylenko. "Angel for Fashion has established itself as a trailblazer in the fashion industry. I am excited to support Ukrainian fashion and contribute to Angel for Fashion continued success by fostering strategic partnerships and driving business growth."

As part of its commitment to supporting Ukrainian designers and promoting creativity in the fashion industry, Angel for Fashion is also pleased and eager for one more season at Milan Fashion Week with the upcoming showroom in Milan, Italy. The event, set to take place from June 17th to 21st, 2024, at Corso Venezia 59, will showcase the latest collections from seven Ukrainian designers featured on the platform. Attendees will be able to discover unique and innovative designs while networking with industry professionals and influencers.

"In the face of adversity, Ukrainian designers continue to seek support to sustain their endeavors," said Jen Sidary, Founder and CEO of Angel for Fashion. "Through our showcases and wholesale platform, with the support of Ukrainian native, Anya Vasylenko, we are committed to providing them visibility and opportunities amidst these challenging times."


Key Highlights:

- Impeccable Quality

- Sustainable Production

- Fast Production Capabilities

- Locally Owned Factories

Before the war, Ukraine gradually emerged as a vibrant and exciting fashion hub, with a growing number of designers gaining international recognition for their innovative and sophisticated creations worn by celebrities around the globe. Several key factors contribute to Ukraine's rise as a new fashion destination, making it a formidable global competitor.

I was one of the first brands to launch my collection on the Angel for Fashion wholesale platform on NuOrder and we now have retailers from around the globe placing orders. This additional business has helped me tremendously and it is so exciting when we export our collection to a new country,” comments designer Kostiantyn Omelia | @OMELIA.

Creativity & Craftsmanship

Ukrainian fashion is renowned for its creativity and striking designs that blend traditional motifs with modern aesthetics. Designers are celebrated for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, distinguishing them from many other global fashion brands. This creativity has allowed them to attract celebrities worldwide, showcasing Ukrainian designs internationally.

Sustainability & Speed

Ukraine has been at the forefront of sustainable production. With the rise in labor costs and logistical challenges elsewhere, many European companies are relocating their production houses to Ukraine. Ukrainian designers, who often own their factories and ateliers, can produce the exact number of styles needed, minimizing overproduction and allowing rapid response to new orders. This sustainable approach benefits the entire supply chain and retail industry.

Heritage & Innovation

Ukraine's rich heritage in craftsmanship, combined with modern technological advancements, fuels the industry's constant evolution. The country’s skilled workforce and competitive cost structure make it an attractive destination for foreign investments, leveraging its strategic location as a gateway to European and Asian markets.


The upcoming showroom is a testament to Ukrainian designers' boundless creativity and ingenuity. With a lineup curated to embody diversity in style and inspiration, attendees can expect to be captivated by various designs that push contemporary fashion's boundaries.

The showroom will be filled with unique brands that bring their perspective. Some noteworthy newcomers include HVOYA known for its meticulous craftsmanship; Theo, a creative force redefining modern fashion with minimalist yet impactful designs; and Novitska, a womenswear brand that makes timeless, high-quality clothing for special occasions.

Gasanova, Gudu, Omelia, Gunia Project, and Theo are other brands joining the showcase. Each brand has its unique story, weaving traditions, innovation, and resilience into its collections. The strength of Ukrainian women inspires their designs; among the highlights are eco-conscious creations promoting sustainability. The showcase offers a diverse array of styles that celebrate the rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture.

Save the Date:

June 17th – 21st, 2024

Corso Venezia 59, Milan, Italy

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