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Ultimate shaving guide

We all know when it comes to shaving we all have our own routines. Unless you get your beard groomed at the barbers I feel like when it comes to home shaving there is room for change. Ideally if your shaving it all off your looking for 3 things in a shaving kit; Easy to use, no pull, close shave - There are plenty out their that will tick all three of those boxes so what makes you use the one you've got now? The cost? The style or the quality? We've been searching online for some of the best and affordable shaving kits to bring an element of luxury to your shaving experience and we have picked our top 5 for you!

The first one is German shaving brand Muhle. The brand offers a range of shaving sets from a traditional style to the modern look. For this guide we have chosen is the Muhle sophist ironwood 4 piece silvertip / safety razor shaving set. This set sells it's self, the Ironwood - one of the hardest woods in the world is extremely high density makes it incredibly resistant. The set just screams luxury, with the silver traditional shaving brush and bowl helps to give that dark brown ironwood that silky look finish. The Safety Blaze razor is thought to be one of the easiest to use and you can get your very own set for just £272.00.

Russell's Shave club is our next choice is a British shaving brand. Normally with 'Shaving Clubs', you are looking at cheap products promising to be something their not but, at Russell's shave club they have changed the perspective, the brand is providing quality shaving kits for an affordable cost. The kit we're featuring is the Cut Throat razor shave kit, containing 7 products in its set and very reasonable priced at £76.00. This kit features a barbers traditional cut throat razor which is known for offering one of the closest shaves if done right.The kit also comes with a shaving brush, shaving soap, a pre-shave oil, Alum block for post- shave treatment and blade.

Parker Shaving are next to feature in our guide, with this sleek looking SR1 Barber Razor and Pure Badger 3-piece shave set. Again another feature for the cut throat barbers razor. Offering that close shave its one of the hardest razors to beat. This elegant looking 3 piece set features shaving brush and a stand for the set. One thing we are seeing more common is the use of shaving soaps and creams where you need to use the brush rather that the outdated shaving foam cans. The chrome look on this set is what truly gives it that clean& fresh feel to it. You could get this one for just $71.00.

Czech & Speake are offering a real stylish piece here with their N0.88 shaving set. The brand is notoriously known for creating products with such great attention to detail and of course the quality of their luxurious and sophisticated shaving products. This piece offers just a simplistic look and feel meaning this would fit well in any style of bathroom. This set contains;No.88 Razor (Mach III blade), No.88 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, No.88 Large Shaving Dish,Soap and a metal stand. Priced at just £390.00.

Trendhim, here are offering something with that 1940's-1960's feel to it. That gentlemen's barbers set that traditional upper-class gentlemen's grooming. The Mahogany Straight Razor Shaving set is the third in this guide to feature a cut throat razor, for the exact same reason of how close these razors cut. The 5-piece set featuring; Shaving brush, stand, mental shaving bowl, eucalyptus and mental shaving soap and straight edge cut throat razor is priced at £159.00. The whole set boast a tradition feel to it.


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