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Unforgettable Beach Days - Discover the Ultimate Beach Day Essentials

Beach days are the epitome of summer bliss. The warm sand between your toes, the soothing sound of waves crashing, and the refreshing ocean breeze on your skin. Whether it's building sandcastles, swimming in the clear blue waters, or simply basking in the sun, beach days offer relaxation, fun, and unforgettable memories. Here are some great products to take on those hot summer days to the beach.

Kikkerland's 8 Reusable Ice Sticks are a must-have for anyone who loves cold drinks. These innovative ice sticks are designed to keep your drinks cool without diluting them. Simply freeze them for a few hours, then add them to your favourite drink for a refreshing and perfectly chilled beverage. The ice sticks are made from BPA-free plastic and are completely reusable, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional ice cubes. They come in a set of eight, so you can always have a few on hand when you need them. Kikkerland's 8 Reusable Ice Sticks cost £6 from

Looking for a fun and unique toy to keep your furry friend entertained during beach days? Look no further than the Kikkerland Flying Fish Float Dog Toy. This colourful and durable toy is designed to look like a fish and is perfect for playing fetch in the water. It flies through the air with ease and floats on top of the water. This toy can withstand even the toughest chewers. It's also easy to clean and store. The Kikkerland Flying Fish Float Dog Toy costs £6 from Bunka and is a must-have for any dog who loves the water and is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Beach Powder Shimmer is a revolutionary product that makes spending a day at the beach a lot more enjoyable. This unique, fine white powder is designed to repel sand from your skin and clothes. It gets rid of sand from the skin instantly and leaves a subtle sparkle. Completely talc-free and certified safe for babies, children, and adults. Eco-friendly. Made from a blend of natural minerals, Beach Powder creates a hydrophobic barrier on your skin that stops sand from sticking. It's easy to use - simply sprinkle it on your skin, and you're good to go! Beach Powder is also safe for your skin and the environment. Plus, it comes in a convenient, travel-friendly container that you can easily toss in your beach bag. Say goodbye to sandy beach days and hello to hassle-free fun with Beach Powder Shimmer. Get your for just £12.99 from

If you love chilled drinks but hate when your ice cubes dilute the taste, Kikkerland's Reusable Ice Cubes are the perfect solution. This set of 30 clear ice cubes is designed to keep your drinks cold without watering them down. Just freeze the cubes then pop them to your drink. Made from BPA-free plastic, these reusable ice cubes are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ice cubes. Plus, they come in a handy storage container that keeps them organized and easy to access. Kikkerland's 30 Reusable Ice Cubes cost £6 from John Lewis.

Mnched's Collapsible Lunchbox is not only ideal for packing lunch on the go but is also perfect for beach days. These versatile and stylish lunchboxes come in different colours that are perfect for carrying snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and drinks. The durable, leak-proof, and easy-to-clean lunchbox makes them perfect for a day at the beach. You can pack your favourite snacks and drinks, and the air-tight seal will ensure that your food stays fresh and safe from sand, water, and other beach elements. When finished simply collapse the lunchbox with its space-saving design. Enjoy your favourite foods while soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. £20 from


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