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Upgrade your morning coffee

Millions of people start everyday with a coffee, whether it be one they make at home or grab on their way into the office, they always find away to get their morning caffeine fix before at 9 o'clock start. Now unless your paying upwards of £6 pounds a day for a posh coffee on your way to work, the likelihood is that your making it at home, whether you put it in a take away cup or not its probably come from your kettle, which probably means is doesn't taste the best. What if you could have great tasting coffee with the ease of making it at home, not to mention the penny's you'll save too! Over at Melitta they have a whole range of machines that will be sure to get your day off to the right start with great coffee that wont leave a bad taste in your mouth.

With a wide range of machines from Grind & Brew Therm Filter Machines to Automatic coffee machines they literally have it all whether your just a coffee lover or a connoisseur they'll have something for you.

Their AromaFresh Grind & Brew Therm Filter Coffee Machine with its integrated grinder, is a new coffee machine they've added to their stock list it not only lets you freshly grind the beans for delicious filter coffee it also contains an insulated jug which allows you to enjoy the full flavour of your coffee even longer. With adjustable grind levels and adjustable coffee strength for individual coffee flavour and you could get your hands on one for just £199.99 here.

I mean what on earth are you waiting for, for far too long you've either been depriving yourself of a great tasting coffee or paying too much for it. So get yourself over to Melitta now and upgrade your morning coffee and start your day the right way!


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