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There is one material that has truly stood the test of time in the fashion industry. It's used across all types of garments and it's always been considered as one of the 'classier' materials a brand could use. Of course I am talking about leather. For decades brands have been using the prestigious material, producing some of the most style pieces in fashion history with it and still today it remains as one of the most popular materials sought after by consumers who are looking to update their wardrobe. There's one particular brand that is keeping the craft of finely crafted leather goods alive in England - Vivano.

The London based leather fashion brand was founded in 2019. Named after the founder (Vivan), the brand launched with one clear purpose, 'To provide thoughtfully designed, well-crafted genuine leather bags and accessories for men and women' Vivan told us. Working with Leather has always been something Vivan had done, formally working for the family business which exported leather goods he told us about all the experience he gained with regards to the production of leather goods such as; bags and wallets and how this was his inspiration to bring his families craft 'to the city he loves - London'. Working with the material he was incredibly passionate about creating beautiful products, talking to us Vivan said he wanted , 'to ensure that every customer is comfortable and confidently stylish when carrying a Vivano bag'. With emotional investment into his work it would only lead one to think the highest quality of fabrics and workmanship are going into the pieces.

One major thing Vivan wanted to keep when launching his business was the family run feel - Something that can easily be picked up by a potential customer, most of the time this can only be positive - giving the customer a sense of trust in the brand and then the brands products. 'Unlike other brands that use third party factories, Vivano is able to provide consistent quality, as the entire operation is family run from start to finish' the brand proudly boasts, and why shouldn't they. The use of third party factories are increasing evermore with the era of fashion fashion so to see a quality family run workshop, it just brings back the feeling of traditional fashion crafting.

Another thing Vivano prides itself on is the attention to detail they have, right from the fabric sourcing stage. The brand told us, 'Vivano provides utmost attention to detail with responsible sourcing of inputs—leather from LWG audited tanneries in India and abroad, thread & glue from Europe and metal fittings from China'. Showing complete transparency from from the start.

Stocking leather goods for both men and women the brand our eager to showcase their 'Elegant yet hip' products. You can see the full range of sleek and simple (yet effective) designs from Vivano over at their website

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